The Drum B2B Awards 2021

Just Global is proud to have six nominations recognizing our agency, talent and client campaigns.

Every year, The Drum B2B Awards celebrates the best of business marketing. The panel of esteemed judges from across the industry goes through thousands of entries to land on the marketers that infused the most creativity into their business campaigns. 

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Just Global: An Agency Born of Change

Finalist: Agency of the Year

A new marketing world demanded a new kind of global agency. Last year’s formation of Just Global established an unparalleled powerhouse in B2B marketing. In merging the two agencies’ complementary strengths, Just Global is purpose-built to shape B2B customers’ impact on the world as they lead today’s digital transformation. 

Rosie Challis: Account Manager

Finalist: B2B Rising Star

In her short time within the B2B marketing industry, Rosie Challis has successfully understood and executed what it is to be successful within an agency and client services role. Not only has Rosie successfully taken ownership of major clients, but she’s worked on two multi-award-winning campaigns for Causeway and Tata Consultancy Services.

Hackable Me

Finalist: Best Limited Budget & Best TV/Video/Audio Campaign

Most of us are having fewer face-to-face meetings, working from home on unencrypted servers, or using changed work procedures. This is music to a hacker’s ears — and as one of the foremost security solutions businesses in the world, Proofpoint, sought to help educate audiences and protect them from these rising threats. “Hackable Me” is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on the hacking industry. From phishing to deep fakes and bio-tech hacking — we found guests to shed light on it all. 

Reverse-engineering offline conversions

Highly Commended: Best Use of Artificial Intelligence

Just Global reverse-engineered F5’s marketing conversion rates to find the most valuable areas in their buyer’s journey. With this attribution model enabled, F5’s global marketing efforts across Google Ads could utilize a real-time, value-based bidding method optimized for return on investment.

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Just Global: Create Interest, Not Ads.

Highly Commended: Best B2B Agency Promotion

Why is B2B content described as boring? Because historically, it has been. For Australia’s first in-person B2B conference post-lockdown, Just Global took control and injected creativity into the B2B landscape. Driven by the call-to-action to “Create interest, not ads,” Just Global created a one-of-a-kind booth experience, transforming it into a live mural painting, alongside “The Boring Times” newspaper showcasing our work and follow up content via QR codes.

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