Location Spotlight: Just Global Singapore

Singapore is an iconic city, boasting a futuristic skyline, urban gardens and a diverse range of cultures.

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Just Global shares our love for the city and why it’s the latest addition to our expanding global footprint in this Location Spotlight feature with LBB Online.

We discuss everything from how brands can incorporate cultural nuances to planning ABM tactics across the region. 

Read a sample of the interview below:

LBB> How would you pitch Singapore to companies/brands looking to break into the APAC market? Are there any key differences in B2B consumer behaviour that should be noted?

B2B in Asia is complex, dynamic and challenging compared to other regions of the world. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Focus on your target market, strengthen your social media presence, give rewards and incentives for content sharing, get involved in public events and community activities, collaborate with other firms. B2C brands tend to focus their campaigns on generating brand awareness whereas B2B organisations should focus on customer satisfaction and retention.

LBB> What would be your number one tip to any brand launching in Singapore?

Develop an understanding of the local audience and market trends to frame an integrated strategy for launching and marketing your brand in Singapore. You can achieve this by building brand awareness among the local community and strive to set yourself apart from other brands and find a niche.

Are you looking to drive regional success for your brand? Contact the Just Global Singapore team.
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