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“Hackable Me” was a podcast series created by Proofpoint and Just Global to educate both professionals and the public on the dangers of hackers.


This campaign set out to position Proofpoint as the ‘every’ security risk partner of choice by providing their audience with educational content that would help them protect themselves from cyberthreats.

The podcast series was targeted an enterprise audience that was found to have a heightened interest in “true crime” stories. This informed a content series and media plan that would capture an engaged audience.


The campaign successfully established Proofpoint as a major player in the protection of businesses. Due to the show’s popularity, a second season is currently in development. 


“Hackable Me” is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on the hacking industry. 

What is phishing and how is business reacting to the threat? How are online lotharios using similar techniques to trick would-be partners? And how do you protect yourself and the company you work for from data loss? 

Listen and learn from cyber security experts, Proofpoint, as well as a leading cybercrime author, a technology futurist and a socio-technical analyst. 

This omnichannel, infotainment campaign highlights the rise of cybercrime through a human-interest angle while giving best practice tips on how to become hack-wise. 


Cybersecurity crimes continue to rise year-over-year and cost businesses millions of dollars in damages. Why? Because despite all the leading-edge technology, there’s a weak spot in the battle against hackers — people. As one of the foremost security solutions business in the world, Proofpoint sought to help educate audiences and protect them from these rising threats.

Most of us are having fewer face-to-face meetings, working from home on un-encrypted servers or using changed work procedures. This is music to a hacker’s ears — and the reason Proofpoint created Hackable Me.

This campaign specifically was aimed at engaging any enterprise employee in Asia-Pacific, helping to position Proofpoint as the ‘every’ security risk partner of choice. They also aimed to educate both businesses and the public of the dangers of hackers and highlight the issues.

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The “Hackable Me” podcast launched on Spotify, Apple Music, Google and Acast along with being hosted on Proofpoint’s own website.

The series was meant to engage enterprise employees within Asia-Pacific. Based on audience insights and popular cultural interest in “true crime” stories, we devised a content and media plan that we knew would be effective within the region and a global context.

Implementing an integrated media plan, utilizing traditional B2B platforms as well as more consumer tactics, with best use of new and existing global and regional content, allowed Proofpoint to target their direct and wider audience. 

proofpoint hackable me podcast

In order to drive consumer interest towards the podcast, an interactive quiz – The Hack-Wise Test, was created to rate a user’s susceptibility to phishing attacks. 

An integrated media plan was developed to generate interest in the podcast. Ads directed viewers to a landing page where the Hack-Wise Test could be taken. Visitors were encouraged to post their scores to their own social channels to help boost organic interest in the Hackable Me podcast.


On what was a small media budget, Proofpoint, with partnering with Just Global managed to achieve almost 1M impressions and 3,000 podcast downloads. Establishing Proofpoint as a major player in the protection of businesses, their employees, and their data. Due to the show’s popularity, a second season is currently in development.