B2B Marketing Leaders Forum ABM Event APAC 2021

Just Global at Asia Pacific's largest Account Based Marketing Forum

In 2020, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum launched APAC’s first Account Based Marketing forum, featuring insights, advice and practical learnings from local and global early ABM adopters.

The 2nd annual Account Based Marketing Forum will be held virtually on 8th July 2021, AEST (Australian Eastern Time) and SGT (Singapore Time) to accommodate B2B marketers and ABMers located in Australia, New Zealand and across Asia Pacific and Japan.

Scaling Expectations: How to Amplify Effective 1-2-Few and 1-2-1 ABM Without Losing Personalisation

Join Just Global’s Senior Director of Strategic Solutions, James O’Flahety, as he explains one of the most common knowledge gaps of B2B marketers: how to scale ABM programs without losing a personal touch. 

That’s because even with a solid framework and process in place, brands need to leave space for true personalisation. It requires more than adapting a message – it means strategic changes to tactics, creative, duration, and even language. 

How can marketers get smarter, move faster, and deliver ABM results at scale? This session will cover the fundamentals of ABM personalization at scale including a look at some of the latest tech stack offerings adapting to small- and large-scale ABM.

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