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My Creative Hero

Daniel Lorenze Head of Creative The late Larry Sultan, American photographer, holds a special place in my heart, both as a friend and mentor during


So you’re launching a campaign in APAC.

Now what? Mhairi Turnbull, Supervisor of Programmatic Just Global’s Supervisor of Programmatic, Mhairi Turnball, was recently interviewed by The Trade Desk (TTD) for their newsletter,

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Never-ending Lockdown

Imagine if lockdown wasn’t just a short-term solution, but an everyday battle, when the places accessible to ‘the public’ aren’t for you. Inclusive Places (formerly


JUST Hosts Fireside Chat with Intuit

On Tuesday, November 10th, Brandon Friesen and Intuit’s VP of Marketing, Stephen Root, discussed marketing innovation for the premiere virtual event group, Brand Innovators. Watch Here