Are you a CMO worried about budget? Read This.

It’s a tough time to be a marketing leader. Digital spend is accelerating and new channels are proliferating – yet your budget is most likely reducing.

Emilie Lee, SVP, Global Analytics

Just Global’s SVP, Global Analytics, Emilie Lee, has shared her expertise on this topic with the publication B2B Marketing in an opinion piece – “Are you a CMO worried about budget? Read this.”

Finding the right balance between brand and demand generation is hard to begin with – and changes day by day. Here’s why it’s not all doom and gloom, concerned CMO.

CMOs simply can’t make decisions based on unreliable data that’s often unavailable until months after a campaign has closed – and so they default to demand gen activity for which a clear ROI is more readily demonstrable. But brand performance measurement solutions are out there!


My message to CMOs is simply to be brave. In this new frontier of analytics, it is hard to carve your own path but there is so much out there. So have the courage of your convictions, define your goals – just make sure you have access to the technical expertise that will help you figure out how to achieve them.”

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