Measuring Success in the Age of Big Data

What are the metrics that matter when Big Data meets the Great Disruption?

Emilie Lee, SVP, Global Analytics

Just Global’s SVP, Global Analytics, Emilie Lee, shared her expertise for Ad Age’s feature, “How the ad industry measures success in the age of big data.”

The industry-leading publication features a powerful round-up of thought-leaders to discuss the pressures marketers face to deliver real-world value amidst a proliferation of data measurement tools.

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“The pandemic has contributed to shifting priorities in the world of analytics and metrics, with the primary shift revolving around a brand’s ability to respond nimbly to change and challenges. Brand health knowledge and the ability to pivot quickly are critical. If brands aren’t aware of where they sit in their space across paid, owned and earned, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie, no matter how perfectly a campaign initiative is crafted and executed, the peripheral noise may be too significant to move the needle.”

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