Just Global Rebrands B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

Some logos aren't always that obvious...until, they are discovered. 

Just Global took this subtle approach to design for the rebranding for their client, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum, the largest community of B2B marketers in APAC. 

Launched at their annual event, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2021, the new branding system builds upon the classic bar chart – a ubiquitous icon within business – and instead delivers something entirely fresh.  

The new brandmark is formed by deliberate adjustments to the height and formation of the bar chart to create, “B2B.” Can you see it yet?  

The new logo cascades into an entire communication platform for collateral and other events within the organisation’s portfolio, showing B2B audiences (whom are all too familiar with quarterly sales reports and cloud-based digital dashboards) that a fundamental icon of business can still be presented in original and arresting ways. 

The effort ties into Just Global’s greater ethos and directive to make B2B marketing that is engaging and useful.  

The agency also sponsored B2B Marketing Leaders Forum APAC 2021, one of the first in-person APAC events this year, with a surrounding ecosystem of unique marketing executions such as a live mural painting at their exhibit booth, a “Boring Times” newspaper for attendees (which was positioned as the “analogue antidote” to digital campaigns) and a panel with clients Adobe, Proofpoint and Tata Consultancy Services blunted titled, “Make Content Less Boring: How Humans are Needed in Marketing.” 

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