Dick Reed Awards 2022 Winners

The winners have been revealed! Congratulations to this year's Dick Reed Award winners!

Last year the global B2B marketing ecosystem proved yet again that its’ resilience and innovations toward world-changing technology are worthy of the industry’s multi-billion dollar value. 

With over 200 media platforms, publishers, data providers and outlets considered, nearly 60 brands were nominated for award titles across categories for excellence in innovation, collaboration and beyond. Twenty-three businesses and individuals proved winners for pushing the bounds of what B2B marketing can do. 

You can relive the best of the best in the B2B marketing landscape in the event recording on YouTube.

For the last three years, we’ve helped support charitable, non-profit and education programs as a tribute to Dick Reed. Please consider supporting endless curiosity and making a tribute donation to the SF Exploratorium.

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Best Marketing Editorial Content

This category honors the most binge-worthy educational content, news and programming from inside our industry.


People's Choice

Most Influential B2B Marketing Trend

This public-voting category celebrates the most impactful trends and fundamental shifts in the industry.


Impending loss of third-party cookie targeting


  • Brand as a performance driver
  • Impending loss of third-party cookie targeting
  • Targeted streaming video (Connected TV)
  • Upgrading marketing automation and operations
  • The metaverse (AR/VR/MR)

People's Choice

Best Media Meme Account

This public-voting category celebrates the best internet meme accounts for the marketing industry. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself.

Most Committed to Community

These vendor partners provide the greatest impact to their people, partners and communities through charitable and other meaningful extensions of their brand.



COOP is building a diverse movement of upwardly mobile college grads overcoming underemployment through digital skills and peer connections.


BRIDGEGOOD equips student Creatives with career skills required for the 1.8+ million tech job openings expected to be available in the U.S. by 2022 and aims to train 40,000 designers of color by 2030.

Soul Trained is your go-to experts in executive coaching and leadership growth. They help leaders get out of the weeds of their comfort zones and into places that they didn’t even know they needed to go.

Most Inventive Solution

As marketing technology continually evolves, these companies have invented new product offerings within their disciplines that have proven successful for our clients. This award recognizes specific products, services and/or features invented within the past year.


Bombora “Agency Insights Beta”

Bombora Publisher Insights (still in Beta) provides deeper understanding of your business audience and creates action for media sales, content marketing, events, audience development, and account management.


Last year, IDG Communications, Inc. — the global expert in technology media, data, and marketing services —  acquired the Silicon Valley-based marketing data and intelligence company, KickFire®. KickFire’s first-party intent data and privacy-compliant technology allows B2B marketers to de-anonymize website traffic and tap into first-party purchase intent data to enhance their in-market buyer identification, remarketing, website personalization capabilities, and digital marketing practices. (learn more here)

Bidtellect’s first to market Bombora Contextual tool capitalized on Bombora’s in depth coverage of the B2B publishing space, meanwhile utilizing Bidtellect’s powerful Natural language and sentiment focused targeting capabilities. This has the capability to establish brands as the natural thought leaders in the correct contextual environment, and at moments of intent within relevant B2B storylines

Solimar helps marketers optimize their digital advertising campaigns across the open internet. Designed in response to a rapidly evolving digital marketing environment, Solimar enables marketers to unleash the power of their valuable first-party data, drive greater precision in their digital marketing campaigns, while advancing consumer-conscious privacy. (learn more here)

Most Collaborative Partnership

These companies have provided ground-level collaboration with Just Global to produce bespoke creative and strategic marketing programs for specific marketer needs.


Best Regional Partner

With nuanced understandings of regional behaviors, trends and technologies, these companies provide the greatest support and expertise within specific global theatres.


Wall Street Journal



Selling Simplified



The Register


Best Global Partner

These companies offer the most robust and data-driven solutions integrated across Just Global worldwide regions.


Most Innovative Use of Data

This award recognizes the businesses with the most unique and wildly inventive application of datasets.


Dun & Bradstreet, “Rev.Up ABX

Rev.Up ABX helps marketers grow revenue with unified data, targeted audiences, and personalize activations across channels and across tools, plus, track your results. The new platform is powered by Dun & Bradstreet’s industry-leading CDP and with connectors to whatever Martech or Salestech you already use so you won’t be trapped in yet another tech silo.


This new conversion solution uses AI-powered insights to drive personalized outreach through LinkedIn Sales Navigator, arming Sales teams with the unbeatable combination of insights and social selling. (Learn more here)

Smart Bidding is an automated, machine-learning powered bidding strategy that sets unique bids for each individual auction and query based on your marketing goals and conversion likelihood. These algorithms factor in a wider range of parameters that impact performance than a single person or team could compute. (learn more here and here)

Blue Ocean is a Predictive Brand Intelligence platform that identifies data points that are available, inclusive of off- and online creative ad intel, and proposes a viable framework for brand evaluation. Within days, marketing teams can be provided a brand tracker that tracks, reports and inspires greater levels of action to drive relevancy now and into the future. (learn more here)

Octane11 is a B2B-focused analytics and collaboration platform that connects siloed enterprise data to drive real impact. Octane11 provides a layer of B2B-specific transformations, enrichment and insights that work with your existing Data Warehouse, ELT/ETL, and BI tools, and delivers your enhanced data to the endpoints of your choice. (learn more here)

True Influence’s proprietary intent process gathers and analyzes data from multiple channels, identifies members of a buying group and shows when users are engaged. This makes orchestrating lower funnel tactics across
channels simpler and gives marketers the confidence to execute ABM programs at scale. (learn more here)

Strategic Agency Partner of the Year

From outstanding customer service to solution-oriented product and service offerings, these individuals have helped Just Global deliver powerful results for our clients.


Rachel Black, Agency Account Director, IDG (Foundry)



Erica Lorin, Senior Account Executive, The Trade Desk



Lauren Smith, Account Executive Audience Solutions, Bombora



Richard Wortman, Senior Sales Director, True Influence



Samuel Kellerman, Client Partner, Spotify


Best Use of Creative Within Media

These are the most inspiring ad formats that bring a welcomed brand storytelling experience into the user journey.


Forbes, “FluidXL

Constructed to seamlessly live within the Forbes ecosystem, their custom-built digital ad suite is specifically designed for our premium partners and global audiences, resulting in an impactful presentation with increased engagement & brand awareness.


Facebook Instant Experiences, formerly known as Canvas, load instantly, they’re mobile-optimized and they’re designed to capture the complete attention of your audience. Within an Instant Experience, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan, and explore lifestyle images with tagged products—all in a single ad. (learn more here)

GumGum is a contextual intelligence company that uses artificial intelligence to see and analyze the full content of a page in a whole new way. Their contextual ad solutions offer an extensive variety of turn-key and customizable units across display, social, video, interactive, custom tech and in-article. (learn more here)

Teads is a global media platform capable of buying/selling unique ad slots and inventory powered by cookieless targeting. They build and deliver high impact ad experiences that engage the user and drive impact on brand metrics. (learn more here)

VDX.tv is a global advertising technology company that is transforming the way brands connect with relevant consumers through video. They are a video demand partner with vast expertise in tailormade video activations and unique call-to-actions at every stage of the consumer journey. (learn more here)

ODN’s purpose is to simply the out-of-home buying experience while boosting results. They go beyond traditional OOH placements and bring brands to life through creative, shareable experiences that captivate and move consumers to action.

DeveloperMedia offers developer-focused advertising and marketing solutions with multiple campaign elements such as display banners, newsletter sponsorship, email blasts, content marketing, community thought leadership engagement and custom units. (learn more here)

Unsung Hero of the Year

These behind-the-scenes maestros orchestrate the best possible customer experience through outstanding support services.


Lisette Acevedo, Customer Experience Team Lead, DemandScience (formerly PureB2B)


Media Partner Executive of the Year

This powerhouse executive inspires us with their commitment to partnership and delivering great work.


John Durham, Former CEO Catalyst & Founder/CEO, sfBIG

Just Global and the entire Bay Area marketing community were saddened by the recent passing of John Durham.

John Durham’s illustrious career provided countless opportunities for marketers.

As a pioneer of digital advertising, Durham was a critical influence in forming a community around what was then a new industry. He continued to innovate throughout his career, from the creation of San Francisco Bay Area Innovation Group (sfBIG) and Catalyst SF to being an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco.

As an industry leader, educator, connector, and friend, John impacted many peoples’ lives throughout the decades. His character and career are outstanding examples of the value of partnerships and community.

B2B Brand of the Year

This award honors the brand that had the greatest significance and influence across the entire B2B industry sector.


Databricks has a simple mission – to simplify data and AI and to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.

From pioneering the fifth mode of transportation to delivering life-saving medical supplies, Databricks customers impact every corner of the world – all of which would be almost impossible without the Databricks platform.  

Only eight years since its founding, Databricks is valued at $38B and just on the verge of a major IPO. The Economist has declared the brand as “the most hyped company of the hour” and Forbes has recognized them as one of “America’s most promising AI companies.”   

Just Global has been proud to partner with the Marketing Team at Databricks over the past year to grow the brand in the minds of the target audience, showcasing the power of Databrick’s technology, its purpose and its brand values in an engaging and effective way with highly compelling creative and a smart omnichannel media strategy. 

Marketer of the Year (EMEA)

The category of “Marketer of the Year” honors best-in-class B2B marketers from across our global regions.

Nico Müller

Head Of Enterprise Marketing DEATCH, PayPal

Nico’s work at PayPal demonstrates a strong passion for managing world-class marketing programs. 

Over the past year, the working relationship that PayPal and Just Global have developed is a testament to Nico’s focus and clarity, together with an eye for detail and marketing acumen. 

Marketer of the Year (APAC)

The category of “Marketer of the Year” honors best-in-class B2B marketers from across our global regions.

Katie Finlayson

Marketing Director, Proofpoint

Katie’s ambitions have proven a huge influence on the success of the fastest-growing region within Just Global. 

This is embodied by her vision and partnership in creating and delivering the multiple award-winning Hackable Me podcast series. It takes a brave client to break the mold of what a traditional B2B marketing campaign should be, and Hackable Me has shown the world over that B2B content can be delivered in an entertaining and informative manner that resonates with your target audience. 

Marketer of the Year (North America)

The category of “Marketer of the Year” honors best-in-class B2B marketers from across our global regions.

Gopal Bhagia

Senior Director Growth Marketing, Tenable

It’s clients like Gopal who raise the bar on innovation and collaboration to produce great work.

Everyone who works with Gopal is proud to be on the Tenable account and support their growth. With Gopal’s leadership, our teams were able to lay the groundwork for a foundational marketing strategy designed to grow over time, leveraging data-driven insights to maximize performance and guide future optimizations. 

He’s recognized for his great influence and application of a true partnership to achieve stellar results in driving demand for Tenable.

Do you want to see more of the best and brightest in B2B partnerships? Relive the night on YouTube.
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