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A new breed of global agency for a new marketing universe

Our full-service B2B agency, forged by independents JUST and Enigma only three months ago, has launched an international brand campaign to promote our agency model purpose-built to grow the world’s leading technology brands. 

The “Insights Improve” campaign centers on ‘the power of three’ integrated disciplines – media, creative and data – working as one. A charming, animated dog stands in as a storytelling metaphor for what happens to marketing campaigns as they go through the various departments in Just Global.

Meagan Phillips, Director of Marketing Communications

As we tell our customers: Companies that invest in their brand will be the ones that come out on top. Just Global double-downed on this approach by also using our own integrated planning to devise this first-ever brand campaign. If you're reading this quote, it's a good sign that it's already working.

With video consumption at an all-time high, YouTube serves as the primary media channel for the campaign with support across highly-targeted programmatic, direct mail and social.

Creative was developed from the ground up based around this data-driven media strategy. The campaign utilizes a modern and simple illustration method so teams could render creative variants efficiently across display ads based on real-time targeting.  

If you’d like to grow your business with Just Global, please contact us and learn more about our enhanced capabilities for brands. 

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