B2B Targeting Will Never Be the Same

Three Reasons to Integrate Intent Data with Contextual Targeting

Just Global is no stranger to the evolving MarTech landscape and how to utilize the latest marketing technologies.  

We work with over 200 media and data partners, matching solutions to the specific needs of our B2B clients. When necessary, we even innovate across platforms to create custom solutions. So, our hats are off to Bidtellect and Bombora (two of the leading marketing technology providers) for coming together to create a custom integration, the “Global Cookieless B2B Solution.” 

This Dick Reed Award finalist for “Most Inventive Solution,” combines Bidtellect’s granular ad placement-level targeting combined with Bombora’s robust topic taxonomy delivers first-of-its-kind precision, scale and performance tailored for B2B brands – all in a cookieless environment. 

Always eager to be first-to-market and find the most impactful use cases, Just Global has already begun testing this tactic with our clients. What have we seen? 

As a global B2B agency partner to dozens of industry-leading brands, it’s imperative for us to rethink what data strategies we can offer clients with the cookieless future upon us. Bombora and Bidtellect’s global cookieless B2B solution is the industry’s first integration capable of bringing together granular contextual targeting and robust taxonomy specifically relevant for B2B brands. We’ve already seen successes with its applications for a variety of our clients.

B2B targeting will never be the same.

We see three immediate reasons why B2B marketers should start to incorporate this integration into their marketing plans.  


Scale and visibility 

The partnership combines Bombora’s proprietary “Company Surge” intent data with Bidtellect’s context-first programmatic platform, creating a contextual-target opportunity with significant scale. Bombora’s data measures 20 billion (!!!) average monthly content consumption events across the B2B internet from privacy-compliant data. With Bidtellects contextual-driven DSP, marketers can use contextual targeting to determine the value of the user and placement in the bidding process based on the information on the page, rather than the user. When these two beautiful capabilities come together, marketers can implement a highly-relevant ad experience to capture a wider audience of interest. 


Tracking the buyer’s journey 

Bombora’s data identifies buyer intent through account-level increases in content consumption around an extensive 8,000+ topic taxonomy covering a variety of business themes, industries, and categories. Activity is tracked and scored, enabling marketers to identify when buyers are close to final purchase decision, and in turn, offer advertising messaging to those targets. Bidtellect provides granular ad placement-level targeting. Together, the combination delivers precision, scale, and performance to B2B brands, enabling contextual targeting against 62 topic categories, including digital transformation, supply chain management, business intelligence, cryptocurrency, and marketing technology — all in a cookieless environment. 


Futureproof your cookieless marketing  

Consumers are getting greater control and transparency into how their data is used and we’re here for it. No one wants to be bombarded with trash ads. This doesn’t mean real-time bidding is over for programmatic practices. It’s a new era for digital advertising. Bidtellect’s context-driven optimization capabilities combined with post-click engagement measurement, creative services, unapparelled scale in consumer-friendly ad environments were all developed to drive performance for advertisers – without the reliance of traditional cookie-based advertising approaches. Moreover, Bombora ensures privacy-compliant data.  

Our clients often have complex and evolving marketing needs that require a balancing act of strategies to identify and reach their priority audiences.

Take it from Anthony Lopez, Just Global’s Supervisor of Programmatic, who was recently quoted in MediaPost for the newest innovation. He states, Bidtellect and Bombora’s new global cookieless B2B solution provides us with a unique combination of data and content-driven solutions that allow us to plan for the future.” 

Do you want to reach targeted audiences at scale while remaining data-compliant? Contact Just Global. 
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