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We know a lot about marketing. Here’s your chance to see how our brains work.

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Team Spotlight: Rebecca Day

Our next Team Spotlight features Paid Social Manager Rebecca Day. Rebecca shares some life advice, how she has evolved in her career, and her love for cheeseburgers (don’t ask).

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Carol-Anne Garry

Nearly six months into her role as an Account Executive, Carol-Anne is the most content and grateful she’s ever been.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Anastasia Stokes

As an Accounts Financial Analyst, Anastasia plays a crucial part in our business. Besides her passion for numbers, she loves anything water related and being out in the sun.

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Team Spotlight: Ritesh Patel

Senior Analytics Lead, Ritesh Patel, has been living the Data & Insights dream since day one of his career while traveling and trying out international recipes in his free time.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Joy Tang

Senior Copywriter, Joy Tang, shares how she broke into B2B tech, loves trying new food spots and enjoys spending time with her parrot.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Shana Olson

Account Management Supervisor, Shana Olson, drops career advice, latest happenings in the world of account management and life with three kiddos.

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Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Kris VanSpeybroeck

Media Supervisor, Kris VanSpeybroeck gives us the scoop on what media trends he’s excited to see and a glimpse into his life as a hedgehog parent.

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Team Spotlight: Brian Nacu

Analytics Manager, Brian Nacu shares his goofy side and drops hints news Just Global’s exciting Analytics department roadmap.

Photo of Eliot Miller
Team Just Global

Team Spotlight – Eliot Miller

Just Global’s Brand Strategist, Eliot Miller, chats about his career milestones and extracurriculars in this employee spotlight.