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We know a lot about marketing. Here’s your chance to see how our brains work.

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Team Spotlight: Anastasia Stokes

As an Accounts Financial Analyst, Anastasia plays a crucial part in our business. Besides her passion for numbers, she loves anything water related and being out in the sun.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Ritesh Patel

Senior Analytics Lead, Ritesh Patel, has been living the Data & Insights dream since day one of his career while traveling and trying out international recipes in his free time.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Joy Tang

Senior Copywriter, Joy Tang, shares how she broke into B2B tech, loves trying new food spots and enjoys spending time with her parrot.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Shana Olson

Account Management Supervisor, Shana Olson, drops career advice, latest happenings in the world of account management and life with three kiddos.

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Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Kris VanSpeybroeck

Media Supervisor, Kris VanSpeybroeck gives us the scoop on what media trends he’s excited to see and a glimpse into his life as a hedgehog parent.

Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Brian Nacu

Analytics Manager, Brian Nacu shares his goofy side and drops hints news Just Global’s exciting Analytics department roadmap.

Photo of Eliot Miller
Team Just Global

Team Spotlight – Eliot Miller

Just Global’s Brand Strategist, Eliot Miller, chats about his career milestones and extracurriculars in this employee spotlight.