Team Spotlight: Joy Tang

Meet Joy

Curious. Chatty. Pessimist.

“B2B marketing is taking on elements of B2C marketing – think gamification and augmented reality – so it’s an exciting time to be in B2B marketing right now.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you end up in your current role?

I spent most of my career writing about B2B technology, which inspired Brad (our APJC MD) to ask if I’d like to do B2B tech copywriting. I’d never considered it before as it’s a completely different kind of writing, but here I am! I’d always been interested in creative marketing, and being willing to try something new helps too. People are often put off by B2B tech as it seems hard to understand, but it’s changing all the time – I would see it as a topic we’re always learning about together.

You recently provided a very informative presentation over Hari Raya/Eid, what did you enjoy most about that project? Can you tell us a little bit about other projects you’ve been most proud to work on and why? 

Thank you! I’ve lived with Hari Raya all my life but that’s not quite the same as really researching the hows, whats, and whys about Hari Raya practices, and thinking about how traditions differ between Southeast Asia and the Middle East, so I learned a lot.

I love working together with the wider APJC team to crystallize everything – comments and questions from colleagues like Jevic (APJC Senior Account Director) and Marianne (APJC Senior Account Manager) really helped to enhance explanations and bring everything together. 

Projects I’ve loved (despite the blood, sweat, and tears) are ones where we build on each other’s work as a team to move from creating something good to end up with something significantly better. Someone else’s perspective or a chance remark can really transform creative work. There’s always the thrill of seeing what you’ve worked on appear on social media or elsewhere, too. 

What career advice would you give someone who is looking into breaking into the world that is B2B marketing?

Learn how B2B and B2C marketing differ, then follow B2B marketing media and check out recent winners of B2B marketing awards to see what’s considered great marketing. There are many courses, conferences and webinars online, some of which are completely free to attend – the challenge is to pick the ones which deliver the most value given your limited bandwidth.  

 You have to be interested in the news to understand what resonates with B2B target audiences. While the reasons why B2B purchases are made are very different from B2C buying decisions, B2B marketing is taking on elements of B2C marketing – think gamification and augmented reality – so it’s an exciting time to be in B2B marketing right now. 

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

I binge-watch YouTube videos (snippets of dramas and comedies, anime, food preparation, calligraphy), try new food places with others, and shop for small gifts for friends. I also spend time with my parrot, Girl-girl. 

Girl-girl snacking on a banana.
Girl-girl checking out the view.
Girl-girl looking cute.

You mentioned you love binge-watching YouTube videos. Can you share some of your favorite channels?

I rely heavily on YouTube’s suggestions:

Sulhee Jessica: Bento food –

The Dodo: Animals –

Khalid Al Ameri: Comedy –

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridal fashion/drama –

Xiaomanyc: Languages –

TwoSetViolin: Classical violin music –

Top three favorite movies:

Encanto right now – beautiful visuals, plus a new kind of heroine, no male interest, no classic happy ending, and tackles hard subjects like mental health. Sixth Sense, for the plot twist. For visuals, House of Flying Daggers, a martial arts romance. Still have a soft spot for the original Mary Poppins, which was semi animated. 

Top three favorite TV shows:

I don’t have the patience to sit through TV shows, but I did watch these from beginning to end:  

Hotel Del Luna, a fantasy K-drama 

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, a K-comedy 

Still love the quirky The Addams Family 

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