Team Spotlight: Claire Norgate

Meet Claire

Conscientious. Introverted. Pragmatic.

Good project management should be invisible.”

Can you tell us a little bit about your background? How did you end up in your current role? 

When I left University I knew I wanted to work in marketing but didn’t have much direction so I took my first role at a PR agency which was a real eye-opener. 

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It wasn’t the most natural role for my young, shy self to be in but some of my biggest highs happened in that role, and I had a fantastic manager who shaped me for my future roles. Having established PR wasn’t quite right for me, but project management and marketing definitely were, I moved to working in creative agencies where I could manage mainly digital projects which were my forte. I’ve been with Just Global for around eight years now and recently (whilst on maternity leave!) was promoted to Service Delivery Director in EMEA. I’m really excited to be building a new function in the agency and taking on a more senior role where I’m hoping to make a real difference in the business. 

The Project Management process can be a delicate balance of art and science. What are the tips or strategies you’ve used that are most effective to deliver operational excellence? 

I’d say anyone who’s worked with me knows I like a process! I also listen, a lot, and document everything. So combining those things has led to some great wins. Listening to what a project or the agency needs and building processes that answer that specific challenge and documenting it clearly. Whether it’s a QA checklist or a new way to brief work to colleagues. In agency life it’s also about remaining agile, but I like the thinking of agility within a framework. We have processes that guide us and keep us in check, but we know not all projects are the same and the unexpected often happens, so sometimes we might need to flex. You can’t be too rigid.  

What are some of the projects you’ve been most proud to work on and why? 

Apart from the time I persuaded a bunch of celebrities to decorate teapots then achieved PR coverage in my (then) favourite magazine?! 

Seriously though, I’ve worked on some really clever and valuable campaigns at Just Global. I love working on campaigns where you can see a full user journey mapped out, with each touchpoint expertly thought through based on personas and each part integrating seamlessly. My favourite campaign so far has been an ABM programme for one of our key clients. We set up a number of different insight mechanics and employed marketing technology aimed at their target accounts. Each month I brought together those insights to establish at which stage of the buying cycle each account was at – telling a story using the data and giving them clear instruction on who they should be directing their focus at that time. That campaign really made an impact. 

'If it's not broken, don't try to fix it' is a personal motto of mine. I’m always open to change, but I never try to change something for the sake of it. A very literal example would be my husband trying to persuade me we need a new coffee machine, the existing one works great! It’s a year-long debate so far…

How do you like to spend your time outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?  

I have two very young children so my life outside work pretty much revolves around them! I love traveling; My husband and I have visited some amazing places together and I’ve got a wish list for when the kids are older, but at the moment we’re exploring more child-friendly getaways which has also been really exciting – a whole different take on a holiday, and it’s lovely to see them experiencing new things. 

Centre Parcs is currently my fav place to be but I’m really looking forward to the day we can take the kids to Disney World! 

We are also blessed with an amazing group of friends, we’ve been through a lot together over the years and like to make a big fuss together of our life moments so things like baby showers, engagements, birthdays, etc., are big events for us. Any excuse for a party! 

What career advice would you give someone who is looking into breaking into the world that is B2B marketing?  

Do your research – identify what you’re passionate about within the industry. Also, identify what your skills are. I spent three years of my career in a role that wasn’t suited to my personality or core skillset. I wish I’d realized that sooner! It became much easier to create a more attainable career path once I did and work became much more enjoyable. 

What’s your go-to work playlist?

I like a mix of music but when I’m working I tend to lean towards soundtracks from musicals, I’m not sure why! My fav for quite a while now has been Hamilton. I often throw in a bit of Taylor Swift, Catfish & the Bottlemen and Ed Sheeran – very excited to have tickets to see Ed this June! 

Favorite Meme right now:

I can’t think of a favorite one but this tickled me! And it has Leo, soooo.. 

Top three favorite TV shows:

  1. Billions, can never really follow what’s happening but it’s so good! 
  2. The Bold Type  
  3. Bluey (recently taken over from Hey Duggee!) 

Top three favourite movies:

This is so difficult! I don’t really have ‘go-to’ movies that I’ll watch time and again but if I had to say then I’d go with:  

  1. Moana 
  2. Most of the Daniel Craig James Bond films, but #1 is ‘Casino Royale’ 
  3. Romeo + Juliet (Di Caprio version) 
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