The Advanced B2B Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Platforms: Audio

Thanks for joining us again as we guide you through the ever-expanding universe of omnichannel platforms. So far, we’ve learned about Connected TV and have an outline of omnichannel strategies. Today we’re tuning in to all things Audio.

Audio's biggest moment since the invention of broadcast radio

It’s no secret that audio consumption has spiked over the last few years. People are consuming more audio content through their mobile devices than ever before. According to eMarketer, US advertisers are expected to spend $1.33 billion on podcast ads this year, a 38.7% YoY increase.

Why should you, an advanced B2B Marketer, leverage Audio?

Well, ask yourself another question: Did you, a human, consume more podcasts last year than the year before? We’d venture a guess that the answer is ‘yes.’ If so, then you know that the nature of an audio experience is immersive and highly engaging which creates the perfect environment for top-of-funnel branding and awareness messaging. You can use this to your advantage by engaging your audiences with messaging that complements existing efforts to extend reach and create a holistic, cross-device branding campaign.

Where pop culture commentors, hackers and cybersecurity experts can all share the mic

Here at Just Global, we’re always looking for new ways to captivate audiences. For cybersecurity experts, Proofpoint, we developed a true-crime-inspired podcast series, “Hackable Me”, based on audience insights. We found this genre to be the most popular among Enterprise executives and with the rise of cybercrimes, why not bring the two streams together? The podcast has been a huge success for the brand, with a second season currently in development.

The nitty gritty

With cross-device targeting and attribution tactics shown in the below campaign example, you can serve sequential messaging on a one-to-one level across all channels and devices that will maximize engagement with your audience across their internet experience.

Source: The Trade Desk

Your programmatic audio toolkit

Now that we have established that you should build an audio strategy, let’s discuss how to successfully implement programmatic audio into your omnichannel plan.


Reach the right consumers

It’s important to reach your audience where they are listening. From standard audio to smart speakers and connected devices to podcasts, there are an endless array of devices and inventory suppliers to choose from. Be sure to consider what your targeting needs are and what platforms support those needs.


Create a seamless customer journey

Effectively manage your customer’s journey with advanced frequency controls. Avoid messaging fatigue by establishing a clear set of frequency goals, frequency caps and frequency groups. You can also consider event retargeting tactics to continuously engage your audience. This can allow you to get creative with targeting strategies by reaching users with different messaging and sequentially message them to push them further down the funnel.


Capture a single view of your customers

Utilizing a programmatic platform, such as The Trade Desk, allows you to connect the dots across the customer journey with a powerful identity solution.

The big picture

Now that you’ve implemented programmatic audio into your omni-channel strategy, how do you measure success?

Source: The Trade Desk

With audio marketing, your funnel can turn more into a megaphone. Using this rich, creative medium provides your brand a differentiation among competitors while producing content that your audiences will actually see more as entertainment and welcome into their lives.

On the backend, tie your upper funnel activation with lower funnel KPIs to more effectively drive users down the funnel. Produce supplemental content and targeting strategies that move your audience from general consumption to action. Be sure to optimize along the way by device type, operating system, frequency, time of day, day of week and geos to maximize success.

Or, ask the experts at Just Global to navigate this emerging tactic with you.

Omnichannel planning consultation

Just Global partnered with The Trade Desk, the world’s leading independent DSP, to produce this entire series. Together, we can provide a wealth of additional information. If your brand would like an in-depth consultation with Just Global please contact us.

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