The Advanced B2B Marketer’s Guide to Omnichannel Platforms: Connected TV

Thanks for joining us again as we guide you through the ever-expanding universe of omnichannel platforms. In the first part of this six-piece feature, we outlined the landscape for omnichannel strategies and its proven benefits. Now learn about the power of targeted streaming video, via Connected TV. 

And Media Darling of the Year goes to...Connected TV!

It’s probably safe to assume that if you’re an advanced B2B marketer reading this right now, you invested heavily into Connected TV over the last two years. That’s because you saw the media consumption habits rapidly change over the course of the pandemic.

Whether you’ve already experienced the success of this medium or still need to get your feet wet – it’s not too late to capitalize on this growing channel.  

Cord-cutting has increased, but so has subscription fatigue. Ad-supported video on-demand platforms (aka “Connected TV”) caters to a generation of viewers open to ads without a subscription.  

We've reached a tipping point

U.S.-based marketers can reach more CTV households than traditional TV

Cable subscriptions estimated to fall


in 2021
CTV households will reach over


in 2021

Source: eMarketer, Oct 2020; The Trade Desk Household Graph, Feb 2021

TV networks have begun to plot their path forward as they continue to consolidate and produce seismic shifts in the media landscape. For B2B marketers with niche target audiences, linear TV was seen as too broad of an awareness channel and a potentially wasteful ad spend. 

We know – traditional B2B marketers don’t typically run on traditional linear TV. So how is Connected TV different? 

With CTV, B2B marketers get the best of both worlds: TV’s big impact plus digital precision. Brands can leverage the video format for better storytelling while also reaching audiences with specific job titles, physical geo-targeting and relevant past online behavior. 

The benefits of programmatic Connected TV

Reach prospects on premium inventory at scale 
Build a customer-centric video strategy with data 
Improve consumers’ experience with frequency controls 
Measure the impact of media on business results 

The Trade Desk is the industry leader in Connected TV, with the ability to reach 87M households and produce a 67% incremental reach versus linear. Philippa Snare, SVP EMEA at The Trade Desk, attributes the rise of the format to the many media trends that accelerated since the pandemic. She notes, “With most consumers day-to-day routines up-ended, the on-demand, flexible nature of CTV led to a huge growth in consumption.” 

To that end, Connected TV provides pathways to an entire omnichannel story.  

The engaging video format coupled with niche targeting allows brands to catch the attention and deliver pertinent information to the right business prospects. Through retargeting, brands can provide prospects even more information about their products and services. From there, engaged audiences who have expressed interest (click or landing page visit) can be further retargeted through low funnel display formats to stay top of mind. 

Show me the leads!

Check out these performance benchmarks from The Trade Desk:

0 %
Increase in search and social conversions when users are exposed to CTV 
0 %
Increase in content syndication leads with CTV

Just Global has seen first-hand the success of this format for our clients.  

For our client, FUJFILM Business Innovation Australia, we devised an omnichannel programmatic media strategy to promote the creative new branding and positioning which Just Global also created. 

The jubilant commercial, “Welcome to Change,” ran across both linear and CTV within Australia with supporting display assets. 

The Trade Desk dives deeper into the benefits of running both in tandem within the feature, “Creativity Spotlight: Fuji Xerox gets a rebrand in this spot from down under.” 

When brands use both CTV and linear TV in tandem, it allows for the implementation of TV viewing data to drive incremental audience reach. Additional insights into the digital behaviors of audiences exposed to a brand’s TV ad provide the ability to create a true extension plan on top of linear TV viewers. Moreover, brands can spare audiences ad fatigue by managing frequency based on TV exposure. 

Where and how do CTV ads run?

The Trade Desk offers over 225+ global partners across the digital advertising ecosystem. Ads stream through apps, either on a smart TV or through an over-the-top device. 

Transmit.Live's picture-in-picture ad format being used during the Tie Break Tens tennis tournament featuring Rafael Nadal.

Ads can be served before content or during traditional commercial breaks. 

Brands can even seize the chance to advertise in upcoming live events through the format. 

Startup providers are breaking into the space as well with innovative and new ad formats. For instance, Transmit.LIVE LCC, has been working to bring picture-in-picture ads to live streaming video. 

Let’s say it again louder for the people in the back.

When working with Just Global, B2B brands can benefit from our omnichannel expertise. We’ll prepare the most relevant strategies integrated creative, media and analytics. 

The benefits of running CTV with Just Global: 


Tapping into premium, non-UCG and brand-safe content at scale 


Data-driven, audience-focused and measurable approach that makes TV buying smarter 


Removing silos between tactics and obtain true omnichannel planning 


Ensuring a positive experience for users while also maximizing budget with frequency controls 


Unifed reporting and measurement from all channels in one place 

Omnichannel planning consultation

Just Global partnered with The Trade Desk, the world’s leading independent DSP, to produce this entire series. Together, we can provide a wealth of additional information. If your brand would like an in-depth consultation with Just Global please contact us.

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