Just Global Recognized for Emerging Media and Effectiveness

Just Global is honored to be awarded with multiple recognitions from the Summit Awards for our inventive and effective approach to marketing.

The Summit Awards organization is dedicated to furthering excellence in the communications industry. It administers multiple award competitions throughout the year and Just Global has been recognized in both their Emerging Media and Marketing Effectiveness programs. Across all of their shows, the organization celebrates the companies and individuals who have the creative and marketing talent to go beyond the ordinary.

Summit Emerging Media

Just Global is honored to win three award titles from the Summit Emerging Media Award competition. This show is based on the foundation that advertising is consistently at the forefront of the technological evolution of communication. It was created to identify the world’s marketing communication pioneers – those pushing the bounds of the communication badlands.

Video B2B – Innovator 

As the COVID-19 pandemic peaked, global IT services leader Tata Consultancy Services built a campaign that utilized bright imagery which starkly contrasted to the overused “now more than ever” messaging. TCS paralleled the ‘superpowers’ of nature with those of IT professionals in this video campaign showcasing TCS’s adaptable digital solutions.

OFX, “OFX Savings Calculator”

Finance/ Banking Marketing – Innovator 

OFX, a currency exchange leader, pioneered Facebook’s mobile playable ad format (typically reserved for gaming) to create an immersive preview of the brand’s value for customers. The interactive “OFX Savings Calculator” gave audiences an easy and direct way to evaluate cost savings while generating engaged users for their digital properties.

Integrated/ 360 Campaign – Visionary Award

Leading data cloud solutions provider, Cloudera, pioneered a predictive model for the “We Love When Clouds Play Nice Together” campaign. This model predicted which messages would deliver the highest engagement based on the user’s interests. This tactic was applied across programmatic display and has improved target account reach by 96%.

Summit Marketing Effectiveness

Just Global has secured four award titles from the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards. This program responds to a common need in the marketing and advertising sector: to acknowledge the contribution of results and messaging, and the achievement of the marketer’s business goals. The Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award is unique to other award programs because it reinforces that the goal of marketing communications is to change, influence or reinforce a audience’s knowledge, attitudes or beliefs. Using this premise as a basis for its judging criteria, the competition is becoming a true arbiter of marketing communication effectiveness. 

Coronavirus Communications – Best of Category 

Video – Silver

As the underlying foundation for people and businesses around the world, Cloudflare’s “#BuiltForThis” campaign addressed how societies were adapting to massive changes in online behavior. 

We devised we devised a media and data strategy to ensure their message of help would reach relevant audiences. Media was planned across Social, YouTube and Programmatic tactics like Connected TV and Banners, resulting in an 158% increase in search volume, 98% completion rate in CTV and 34% ad recall lift.

Integrated Campaign, B2B – Platinum 

As the company’s first ever global brand initiative, the “We Love When Clouds Play Nice Together” campaign boosted Cloudera’s brand awareness and stock prices. 

Our results within account-based targeting have hit impressive marks: 84% reach into target accounts (a 96% improvement), 50% engagement overall, 36% lift (industry benchmark 25%), six-figure website landings (at a 50% reduced cost per landing) and 25% video view rate.

Video – Silver

To promote the dexterity of Adobe’s e-signature solution, the “Adobe Sign Webinars” pioneered a new design-led format and rewrote the rules of creativity and engagement.

While the industry benchmark for webinars is 50 attendees, this series performed at higher rates, ranging from 26% above benchmark and up to 204%. Moreover, the series has received thousands of views and an average view rate of 75%.

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