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Built for This


Cloudflare is a web-infrastructure and web-security platform with a lofty goal—to build a better Internet. 

The brand provides critical connections for 1B unique IP addresses and 27M Internet properties across the globe

The Challenge

As the global pandemic, COVID-19, spread across the world, Cloudflare was amassing in real-time a wealth of information about it’s effect on Internet traffic, usage and threats. We faced an urgent need to address how societies were adapting to massive changes in online behavior. 

The idea: #Builtforthis

The Internet was built to be resilient, flexible and adaptable. It was #BuiltForThis. 
As the underlying foundation for people and business around the world, Cloudflare was positioning to champion and inspire those who shared this same resilience. The #BuiltForThis campaign highlighted the inspirational stories and tactile advice for the current state of the world

Bringing the Idea to Life

As the #BuiltForThis campaign landing page and film assets were being crafted, JUST devised a media strategy to ensure their message of help would reach relevant audiences. Media was planned across Social (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), YouTube and Programmatic tactics across Connected TV and Banners.​
​Our audience targeting began by encompassing relevant behavioral targeting, tech influencers, and never shying away from the specific IT enterprise group. As the campaign progressed, we saw the IT Enterprise group was most affected and interested in Cloudflare content which shifted our targeting. To enhance our audiences, we used Cloudflare customer data to layer a Lookalike model across platforms. 
As the pandemic developed, we monitored the campaign in real-time to adjust the media mix appropriately across channels to maximize resonance. Given the increase in consumer’s online behavior, we saw the greatest impact within streaming services YouTube and Connected TV. 

The Internet Was #BuiltForThis

The brand video placement on YouTube carried a strong resonance with their audiences, as they consistently elected to view the entire video. Additionally, a YouTube brand study measured further analytics and insights. 

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Connected TV

Connected TV allowed for hyper-targeting of key audiences on their largest screens. This contributed heavily to increased brand awareness as it generated a 97% video completion rate.


Short-form versions of Cloudflare’s brand video ran across social media channels and were optimized in real-time to audiences that resonated most with the #BuiltForThis message. After these optimizations were implemented, video completion rates increased by nearly 1,000%. 

Display Banners

To extend Cloudflare’s messaging beyond video, a series of display banners were introduced to drive additional traffic and as a method to reach an incremental audience outside of video placements. 

Lasting Connections

Low-cost views, high completion rates and social engagements across each channel resonated with key audiences and deepened their connection with Cloudflare.

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Completion rate through connected TV

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Ad Recall Lift


MediaPost OMMA Awards: Finalist | Technology/Web Services

dotCOMM Awards: Platinum | Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns | Integrated Campaign

dotCOMM Awards: Platinum | Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns | Digital Marketing Campaign

dotCOMM Awards: Platinum | Digital Marketing & Communication Campaigns | Paid Media | Video Campaign

Summit Awards, Marketing Effectiveness: Coronavirus Communications – Best of Category | Video Silver

Our Impact

Throughout the duration of the campaign, audiences remained highly engaged with the video content generating over 25,000 engagements and 2,500 shares across social media channels. 

The feel-good messaging of this campaign boosted favorability with a 19% lift for in-market audiences related to Cloudflare’s target market. Additionally, there was a 34% ad recall lift within their target market. 

Connected TV contributed greatly to the success of this campaign as it garnered nearly 12 million completed views and an impressive 98% completion rate overall. 

Audience response across social channels, programmatic CTV experiences and display ads led to this campaign outperforming our goals and led Cloudflare to continue their marketing efforts with always-on marketing campaign to keep their momentum going.