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Getting Sign to Sing


Adobe came to us looking for a motion graphics element for their webinar series for ‘Sign’ – its digital signature product – which was achieving insufficient traction with target audiences. Rather than simply saying, ‘yes,’ and producing a slicker version of the ‘me-too’ slide deck with a voiceover, we saw the opportunity to take the humble webinar to a new level. We proposed a design-led format that fused animation, ‘talking heads’ video and the traditional product demo.


With the aim of increasing sign ups to the Adobe Sign Webinar series and reduce drop offs once in attendance Adobe asked us to review the format, content and structure of the current webinars and to provide recommendations. The existing webinars had excellent content but simply featured a single presenter talking over a few slides. There was little that was either different or particularly engaging about the format. We proposed a design-led and largely animated approach in which the presenter – Adobe solutions consultant Steve Walker – would appear to interact with the animations on screen.


Studio Head, John Langstone took the original content and storyboarded a complete video with a vibrant colour palette, icons, and engaging transitions that would bridge one part of the script to the next. Our in-house video department then worked with Steve to revise the script and shoot the webinars with Enigma’s equipment and green screen studio. With a combination of 2D and 3D animation, the footage was brought to life and polished into the finished product. This was the first time ‘Sign’ was being used for a video-based project since Adobe had introduced its new branding and – as is always the case with a new approach – there was plenty of feedback from around the business. This was further complicated by the release dates coinciding with Adobe’s live webinars, which meant that the whole series of five had to be completed in ten weeks. It was huge a challenge to get it all over the line!


The series was met with praise across both Adobe and the webinar attendees – raising the creative standards of for all of Adobe’s future webinars. While 78% of webinars reach a maximum of 50 attendees , the Adobe Sign series managed a minimum of 63 and peaked at 152. Furthermore, the series achieved over 640 views with an average view time of 75%.

The global lockdown has spurred the use of digital signatures so our investment in this video series is strategic for Adobe. We had a market-leading solution, but the very static nature of product videos meant that we were struggling to do justice to its quality. We turned to them for an answer and they completely repaid our confidence. The idea of combining animation, ‘talking heads’ video and a traditional product demo seemed perfect from the start – and the final results have set a new bar for creativity and engagement.