Emilie Sanders Lee

EVP, Global Analytics & Chief of Staff

Just Global’s genuine focus on its employees and continuous process innovation in our ever-evolving industry landscape in order to provide the best possible output for customers was incredibly enticing and why I wanted to be a part of the team.

Emilie Sanders Lee is an ingenious and recognized marketing leader whose successes reach beyond business to also include her passion for advocacy.

In Lee’s role as EVP, Global Analytics, she works to accelerate the agency’s global capabilities across B2B marketing measurement and analysis, combining data visualization with storytelling to provide clients with data-driven insights.

She’s worked in the client, agency and programmatic space for nearly 15 years, managing Analytics teams and bringing actionable insights with complex KPIs, across a wide array of B2B and B2C campaigns and clients within the technology, fintech, CPG, security, airline, hospitality, beauty and auto space. Emilie’s successes also include leading analyst time-efficiency improvements, creating training content ensuring campaign success, and developing an educational series on analytical storytelling.

Previously, Lee helmed the role of Head of Analytics and Business Intelligence at Media Matters Worldwide where she developed a solutions-oriented data department responsible for campaign success and business growth. She’s also held posts with industry players Centro, Quantcast and OMD.

Most recently, Lee was awarded Salesforce Marketing Champion for her work with Datorama along with sfBig’s Going Above and Beyond Award for her volunteer and advocacy efforts.

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