Hermes Awards 2021

We're proud to be honored by the Hermes Creative Awards with nine recognitions!

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The Hermes Creative Awards are one of the oldest and largest creative competitions in the world. Judged by members of the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals. 

Causeway were looking for a new identity that would not only communicate their fresh approach internally, but also elevate their ability to attract a new wave of young professionals. Taking on existing themes of space and a core message of “Becoming a Causeway Star” our UK creative team crafted an inspirational video that acted as the beating heart of the campaign. 

  •  Video Creativity |  Editing 
  •  Video |  Internal Communication 
  •  Video |  Corporate Image

Adobe came to Just Global looking for a motion graphics element for their webinar series for ‘Sign’ – its digital signature product. Rather than simply saying, ‘yes,’ and producing a slicker version of the ‘me-too’ slide deck with a voiceover, the team saw the opportunity to take the humble webinar to a new level. 

  •  Video Creativity |  Animation
  •  Video Creativity | White Board

Imagine if lockdown wasn’t just a short-term solution, but an everyday battle, when the places accessible to ‘the public’ aren’t for you. Just Global create this 60 second video to accompany the launch of Inclusive Places (formerly Cheung Access) new website.  

  •  Video |  Corporate Image

Just Global had run a very successful LinkedIn campaign for Tata Consultancy Services that targeted CFOs. TCS was keen to extend this success to other audiences, via social platforms. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had reached its peak and businesses were flooding digital channels to reach out to prospects. For this new campaign to be successful, we would have to work much harder to capture attention, delivering a campaign with breakthrough creativity.

  •  Interactive Media |  Social Media | LinkedIn

Hackable Me is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on the hacking industry. What are the origins of social engineering and why does it still work? What is phishing and how is business reacting to the threat? How are online lotharios using similar techniques to trick would-be partners? And how do you protect yourself and the company you work for from loss? Listen and learn from Proofpoint’s team of cyber experts, as well as a leading cybercrime author, a technology futurist and a socio-technical analyst.

  •  Interactive Media |  Audio/Radio | Podcast
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