Campaign’s Creative Person of the Year 2021

Just Global is chuffed to have Rob Omodiagbe, Executive Creative Director, nominated for Campaign's Australia/New Zealand Creative Person of the Year.

Since the early 1990s, Campaign’s Agency of the Year awards have existed to recognise inspiring leadership, management excellence, outstanding business performance and overall achievements in advertising and brand communications. 

As a finalist for Creative Person of the Year, Rob Omodiagbe has not only met the standard for creative excellence but has also raised the bar.

Some might describe Rob Omodiagbe as a ‘hybrid’ for his cross-disciplinary expertise – design, art director, and writer.  

However, the descriptor of ‘problem-solver’ is most apt. That’s because, across his twenty-year creative career, Rob has embraced finding the most interesting solutions to his client’s problems.

This comes from his determination to maximise all sources of data and behaviourial influences to produce work that captivates and captures business. More than selling features and benefits, Rob believes he is in the business of solving human problems that happen to take place in business environments.  

Rob Omodiagbe Executive Creative Director
Rob Omodiagbe, Executive Creative Director

As Executive Creative Director of APAC at Just Global, he has the not-so-small ambition to redefine the reputation of B2B marketing. He appears to be on track to, as well, with some of the year’s most arresting campaigns across cybersecurity (Proofpoint’s “Hackable Me” podcast) workplace technology (FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia rebranded from Fuji Xerox), business conferences (the rebranding of APAC’s largest B2B network, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum) and accessibility architectural consulting (Inclusive Places, “Never-ending Lockdown”).  

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