So you’re launching a campaign in APAC.

Now what?

image of Mhairi Turnbull
Mhairi Turnbull, Supervisor of Programmatic

Just Global’s Supervisor of Programmatic, Mhairi Turnball, was recently interviewed by The Trade Desk (TTD) for their newsletter, The Current, and the editorial feature, “So you’re launching a campaign in APAC. Now what?” 

Turnbull shares her knowledge and thoughts on the growing programmatic market in APAC, with the key differences in each region, as well as insights into data consumption. 

Mhairi outlines some key areas of focus and what to expect when when setting up campaigns for these regions, highlighting realistic goal setting as a key feature. 

Read a preview of the article below:

What is something successful brands do very well in Asia?

The messaging and media strategies must be tailored towards the cultural insights of those populations. A translation of the same message and strategy that was devised in the U.S. simply won’t work in Asia. Businesses need to dive deep into Asian culture, media habits, data available and a plethora of other inputs before they can prepare for success.

How are ad units and platforms different in China?

Look at Connected TV. While CTV inventory is available in Singapore, it’s only in beta form in China and Japan by individual advertiser approval only. Programmatic audio is another medium that’s available in Asia except for Korea and China. Also, in China, there are no programmatic direct buys.

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