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Dick Reed Awards 2023 – Winners

Event Announcements 2023 Award Winners The Game Changing Solution (specific solution/product) As marketing technology continually evolves, these companies have disrupted the market with their innovative products and services. This award honors the solutions that have been made in the past year. Data Solution Foundry, “Intent Data” ABM Bombora, “Insights Tool” Media Google, “Performance Max” Analytics BlueOcean MarTech PathFactory Most Collaborative

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The Way We Work Together

In order to ensure our teams are as healthy and productive as possible, on top of our flex-time policy and remote workplace offering, we are piloting 2×4 Fridays: a 4-day workweek every other week through the end of the calendar year.

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Just Global News

dotCOMM Awards 2022

We’re proud to be honored by dotCOMM with three awards, two Platinum and one Gold, during their 2022 international awards competition.

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Team Just Global

Team Spotlight: Ritesh Patel

Senior Analytics Lead, Ritesh Patel, has been living the Data & Insights dream since day one of his career while traveling and trying out international recipes in his free time.

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