Celebrating two 2023 Summit Creative Award Wins

Our creative work for AutoStore and Dun & Bradstreet won two Silver Summit Creative Awards this year.

Since 1994, the Summit Creative Award has recognized creative excellence in advertising and marketing companies and individuals with under $40 million in billings. This international advertising competition allows participants the opportunity to showcase their talents alongside similarly positioned agencies and to have their work judged by experts in the advertising field. 

This year, we are extremely honored that our work for AutoStore and Dun & Bradstreet has been recognized with Silver award wins:

Dun & Bradstreet operates in a saturated market and their focus on demand generation has delivered great results in the past. But there was more that could be achieved.

Historically, Dun & Bradstreet’s marketing efforts were primarily focused on Demand Generation, which provided an opportunity to refocus their media mix toward the education of their audience along the path to conversion. Increased investment at the top of the funnel ensured that Dun & Bradstreet was part of the consideration set once decision-makers were ready to re-enter the market. 

Renewed copy, including the tagline ‘Data Makes the Difference’, was combined with creative from the natural world illustrating the hidden information that appears just out of sight until data reveals it. Creative execution involved the full suite from video, desktop, and mobile teasers, OTT, to banner ads, social ads, and more.

Best Idea Never Produced

Our “Best Idea Never Produced” was a pitch we did for AutoStore, a technology company that develops order-fulfillment solutions to help businesses achieve efficiency gains within the storage and retrieval of goods.

Rather than focusing on AutoStore’s physical storage-stacking solutions, we came up with a concept that would appeal to buyers on an emotional level, focusing on the outcomes. The ‘Incredible is .. .’ campaign shifts the emphasis to highlight the benefits of their technology to business, society, and sustainability.

By creating a series of roundtables and a podcast series, the plan was to highlight how AutoStore’s solutions have transformed the way their customers do business with a clean, engaging visual identity.

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