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A New Breed of Agency

Just Global

Our full-service B2B agency, forged by independents JUST and Enigma in November of 2020, has launched an international brand campaign to promote our agency model purpose-built to grow the world’s most impactful brands.

The Challenge

Brands need an agency partner capable of not only keeping up, but driving, inventive and authentic communications for this moment.

With the world rapidly shifting to a digital environment, our approach had to evolve to make way for innovative ideas across media, creative and data. We applied our own strategic insights into market, consumer and media trends to this evolutionary approach. 

The idea: the power of three

Meet Just Global―a new breed of global agency for a new marketing universe.  

The agency dynamic is shifting with the ever-expanding media ecosystem of automated platforms, channels and publishers generating millions of data points every second. With this, a revolution of next-generation marketing is emerging where creative, media and data operate as one. Brands demand this type of advanced thinking because it’s how they grow. 

The campaign highlights the role integration within agencies plays in growing their customer’s businesses.    

Bringing the Idea to Life

The “Insights Improve” campaign centers on ‘the power of three’ integrated disciplines – media, creative and data – working as one.

A charming, animated dog stands in as a storytelling metaphor for what happens to marketing campaigns as they go through the various departments in Just Global. We see elements of the dog’s character shift based on A/B testing results and the character gleefully transition digital environments – from banner ads to landing pages – all to demonstrate that aligned integrated capabilities improve performance.  

With video consumption at an all-time high, YouTube serves as the primary media channel for the campaign with support across highly-targeted programmatic, direct mail and social content. Every element of the campaign functions as a collective strategy.

Watch Insights Improve

The anthem film shows what happens to marketing campaigns as they go through each department at Just Global. 


With live-action production off the table in times of social distancing, we deployed an animated approach to provide dexterity to our campaign assets. With the agency’s global expansion and presence in multiple regions around the world, animation also provides a universal understanding across languages and cultures. The campaign plays out with just a mouse, keyboard, tablet, computer and the viewer’s imagination. We opted to remove the human element as much as possible which lead the way to deciding on creating our happy little dog to become a catalyst for our story and making him the star. We show the evolution throughout the process. 

Targeting Strategy

Using a one-to-few account based marketing approach, our campaign is primarily targeted to existing customers within our key markets of North America, Europe, Australia and Singapore. This approach allows us to demonstrate the benefits of our new agency’s expanded full-service and global capabilities and the immediate optimization opportunities available for current clients. Secondarily, we targeted active new business leads, brands surging in intent data topics related to our core agency strengths and custom CMO persona research. 


Why a dog you might say? A dog is seen as a loyal companion and trustworthy. Here to help in times of need and can be counted on. We want to be seen as a partner to our clients; we are their right-hand, helping achieve their goals, guiding them safely along their journey and realizing their vision. A crowdsourced agency naming contest will determine the pup’s name.


Given rising video consumption trends, the primary media driver of the campaign is YouTube, with :45 and :15 skippable in-stream placements and a :06 bumper ad being targeted against ‘in-market’ audiences and custom CMO audience research. This mix of video ad formats and targeting provides coverage across upper and lower funnel tactics alongside a high frequency of branding assets. Furthermore, a Brand Lift Study in YouTube will measure effectiveness in awareness and consideration. 

Programmatic Display

Our minimalist illustration style allowed us to easily adapt our creative to suit any digital media need such as animated HTML5 banners. We utilized every trick in the book, from frame-by-frame animation and sprite sheets, to state-of-the-art software and plugins mixed with advanced coding methods. This inventive creative process is couple by media and data tactics such as ABM targeting and exclusion lists in programmatic display.


Paid social support is focused on LinkedIn, with video views being the primary metric to drive brand awareness. Organic LinkedIn programs from Just Global’s company page are designed to round out the ecosystem of organic and paid social activity across employees, partners and clients.

Direct Mail

With homes becoming offices, we strategized a direct mailer for key accounts across all of our geographic locations. Inside the custom-designed box, the character from the campaign has been transformed into a physical product, accompanied by branded swag and a tailored, handwritten message to each recipient. 


We expanded keywords to include ‘Enigma Marketing’ as well as upgrading our Google Maps and online profiles. This helped our global consolidation of office names and locations. During the campaign, Search ads which had already been updated to reflect new brand language and Enigma keywords, will have an influx in budget to capture additional inquires around brand activity. 

Earned Media

High impact placements appeared in leading industry publications utilizing programmatic retargeting proved to be a success by increasing overall reach.

Insights Improve

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Existing customers who expanded services and capabilities

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Net new customers gained since agencies merged

Our impact

Within months of announcing Just Global in November of 2020, we’ve already expanded global and full-services capabilities for 12% of existing clients while increasing our client base by 18%.

Our customers shape the world around us – from renewable energy, communications and governments, to healthcare, education, manufacturing, sciences and global economies. It’s our duty to help them grow at a time like this. As one cohesive, worldwide team our work activates relationships with people that impact the world.