Team Spotlight: Meet Jeremy Palafox

The vibrant culture here at Just Media is fueled by the amazing people that we work with.  In our Team Spotlight series, we feature a different member of the team, highlighting the individuals that contribute to our culture.

Meet Jeremy Palafox, Associate Media Director. Godzilla Groupie.  Nordstrom Rack Enthusiast.  Kids Birthday Party Planner Extraordinaire.

What is your role at Just Media?

As an Associate Media Director, I help the Supervisors as well as our Group Director guide strategy and assist in day-to-day operations across several client account teams.  I also help manage the individual team members as they grow in their career – my favorite part of my role.

What do you think the future of media will entail?

Media will continue to be a mix of art and science.  From the science perspective, media will continue to rely heavily on automation, data and platforms.  Hybrid roles will become more common as silos continue to break down between specialties.  Skilled media leaders who can build and execute media plans, craft stories out of data, and navigate the ever-changing media landscape will be in demand.

What does it take to be successful at Just Media?
  1. Strong collaboration with internal teams and with clients; be comfortable asking a lot of questions 😉;
  2. Be ready to roll up your sleeves to get the job done, no matter the job;
  3. Embrace working within and through “the unknown” – sometimes we have to figure things out as we go along;
  4. Exude a “we are all in this together” attitude – we win and lose as a team; and
  5. Embrace change.  Since my first day at Just Media, things have changed a lot and we continue to change and evolve!

How has the team in Austin grown since you joined Just Media?

When I first joined Just Media, we had about 15 people in the Austin office, and most of us were either on the Media or SEM teams.  Two years later, we have nearly 40 people, and we have all teams represented!  Our physical office space has also evolved.  Our office used to be in one converted house, but now we are in two converted houses that are connected by what we call a “troll door” (watch your head!) that was formed by knocking out the wall between the two houses.

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

I love to spend time with my family.  Once the piano lessons, dance classes, dragon dance performances and basketball games are complete, we love to explore Austin and do fun things around town.  From canoeing on Lady Bird Lake, to swimming at Barton Springs or Deep Eddy pool, to enjoying our favorite restaurants, movies in the park and the Austin City Limits music festival, there’s never a shortage of new and fun things to do. 

What inspires you at Just Media?

Hands down: the people!  The people at Just Media are an awesome melting pot, and the office feels like a work family.  The level of talent, hard work and smarts is through the roof, and most days we make miracles happen for clients.  I’ve been a part of projects that at the onset seemed impossible, but because of our people, we made it happen.  And while we work hard, we care about each other.  We are also a quirky blend of personalities and interests; our office Slack channels induce belly laughs.   

What tips would you give to someone interviewing at Just Media?
  • We like quirky!  Be yourself, and let us know get to know you.
  • Be honest and open about your media experience.  We have people at Just Media from all kinds of backgrounds, and we’d like to know what experience you have and what you are looking for.
  • We are all ears for success stories around multitasking, client relationship management, building something from the ground up, or pioneering something new!
What’s your go-to lunch spot around the Austin office?

Whenever I have time, I walk to a local café called Arturo’s.  I love their sandwiches, quesadillas and ice tea.  They usually have the latest Austin Chronicle available, and some days I sit, eat and read.  That’s a perfect lunch for me!

What has been your favorite agency event?

Two events come to mind: 

  1. The last annual office retreat.  Just Media generously hosted two days of team building, friendly competition and entertainment at Lake Buchanan. We fished.  We sang karaoke.  We threw axes, for goodness’ sake!  It was incredible. 
  2. The now annual Austin office boat party. We spend a day eating, drinking and swimming in either Lake Travis or Lake Austin, and everyone looks forward to it.  It has been fun building a new tradition at Just Media, and I look forward to seeing the creative and colorful floats that people bring each year (floating unicorns, strawberries and pizzas, to name a few).

What advice would you give to someone who is just getting their career started in digital marketing?
  • Things move fast, and it takes a while to get your sea legs.  Be a sponge; give yourself time and patience to absorb what is going on.  It takes time to see the big picture and how you fit into it, but you will get there!
  • Stay curious because the industry is constantly evolving.  You are never going to know it all, so be open to learning something new every day.
  • Do all you can to maintain positive relationships throughout your career, because this industry is small.  At the JM Austin office, a handful of us have worked together over the past 10+ years at various agencies and companies.  I’ve seen previous co-workers become salespeople we still work with, and I’ve seen clients become agency co-workers and vice versa.  You will likely be working with some of the same people again and again over your career.
  • Finally, things can get stressful at work, but remember:  it’s just digital marketing!  Try to find humor in your work, take breaks, walk around the office or the block, and get to know your coworkers.

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