DuckDuckGo: Advertising to a Privacy Savvy Audience

DuckDuckGo hit a daily record on Monday July 29th, with over 45 Million searches.  The alternative search engine markets itself as “The search engine that doesn’t track you.”  DuckDuckGo keeps your search history private and blocks advertising trackers, stating that “your data shouldn’t be for sale.” Though 45 million daily searches is paltry when compared to Google’s 4 billion, DuckDuckGo is growing in popularity as people become aware of Big Tech’s disregard for user data privacy.

The billboard that started it all back in 2011.

With Facebook facing a $5B fine for data privacy violations (the FTC’s largest fine ever on a tech company), and Google Home & Amazon Alexa users learning their private conversations are being monitored, Silicon Valley isn’t doing a great job of keeping our secrets. The lack of regard for user data by Big Tech has created a rapidly growing market of consumers who care about their privacy.  DuckDuckGo is looking to cater to those privacy-minded inquisitors wary of Google’s data collection habits, and they are showing up in droves:

Who is Using DuckDuckGo?

With DuckDuckGo’s exponential growth, advertisers are taking note.  We can expect a certain type of tech savvy user migrating to this platform, creating a niche inventory for companies to target the “early-adopter” crowd that has migrated here from Google.  Tread carefully though, the user that switches to DuckDuckGo will be wary of ads and not easily fooled by clickbait tactics – pay special attention to messaging here.

How to Advertise on DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo runs ads through the Bing/Yahoo! search network. To advertise on DuckDuckGo, enable the Bing Ads search partner network within your Bing Ads search campaign settings:

Simple as that. Now you can launch your next search campaign in the Bing Ads search network to get in front of this fast-growing, security-savvy crowd.

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