Team Spotlight: Meet Dominique Stewart

The vibrant culture here at Just Media is fueled by the amazing people that we work with.  In our Team Spotlight series, we feature a different member of the team, highlighting the individuals that contribute to our culture.

Meet Dominique Stewart, Integrated Demand Specialist. Oakland Native. Bow-Tie Aficionado. Sneaker Connoisseur.

What is your role at Just Media?

I am responsible for trafficking a number of different types of campaigns for a number of our clients. I also serve as an analyst pulling in reports and insights for clients.

What do you enjoy the most about working with data?

I enjoy working with data because data is like a puzzle. There are different aspects of the data that you can look at and pull from. When you put all the data together it tells a holistic story creating a picture for the client.

What have you learned & how have you grown at Just Media?

I have learned a lot about the inner workings within marketing. Our work is more than placing ads and driving traffic to the client’s website.

I have grown my skillset at Just Media. I have been exposed to a number of different platforms that we use at the agency primarily in my work with Lead Gen and Analytics. I have learned the importance of insight and giving a voice to the data being presented.

What does it take to be successful at Just Media?

To be successful at Just Media you need an open mind and a willingness not only to learn but to also be ready to lend a hand. Even if you are still learning while helping there are always people who are willing to teach along the way.

What motivates you to finish a complex project?

I know that there are other people counting on me to get the job done. If I do not finish my part of a project, others will not be able to complete their work.

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

I love spending the weekend hanging out with friends and exploring the Bay Area.

What inspires you at Just Media?

The people are what inspire me at Just Media. There is so much passion and enthusiasm seen as soon as one walks into the agency. 

What’s your go-to lunch spot around the Emeryville office?

Would have to be Minnie Bell’s right downstairs at the Public Market.

What has been your favorite agency event?

My favorite agency event so far has been the partner party we host at the beginning of the year.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is just getting their career started in digital marketing?

I would advise someone who is just starting their career in digital marketing is to have an open mind. There are a lot of facets within digital marketing and it will take time to learn them all. As you learn there is a sense of accomplishment and confidence as one continues to grow in their career.

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