Data Breach: What Comes Next for Facebook Advertising

B2B Brands On Facebook

In 2018, Facebook had its CEO questioned by lawmakers in a tense hearing for two days. They became the target of consumer and privacy watchdogs and allowed shareholders to become increasingly distrusting of their data security. This public relations nightmare left many advertisers wondering how B2B brands on Facebook should position themselves for future campaigns and what would the fallout look like among Facebook users? 

When To Advertise On Facebook

B2B advertisers looking for reach and scale cannot ignore Facebook; it is the top choice for reaching the broadest audience. Objectives like increasing website traffic or brand awareness are highly aligned with Facebook’s advertising platform. However, B2B advertisers looking to reach a more targeted, professional, North American audience might encounter significant challenges. A majority of Facebook’s daily active users (85%) are located outside of the US/Canada. In addition, only 40% of Facebook users indicate they have a college degree or higher form of education. Compare that with LinkedIn, where 91% of users have a college degree or higher form of education. B2B advertisers looking to generate highly-qualified sales leads or nurture targeted audiences along a sales cycle should consider platforms like LinkedIn. 

Facebook Users Are Loyal

Concerns around data security are causing social media users to become wary about their data being shared or sold. The average Facebook user has become increasingly aware of their privacy options and settings in the wake of Cambridge Analytica. However, most of Facebook’s U.S. users have remained loyal to the social network in spite of recent publicity. This support should signal to advertisers that although the Facebook audience may not support highly targeted B2B tactics, the platform continues to be a strong option for upper-funnel tactics and should not be abandoned.

Although it must have been mayhem at Facebook HQ for most of 2018, it appears that from an advertising standpoint the social media giant escaped relatively unscathed. 

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