Team Spotlight: Meet Brianna Perkins

The vibrant culture here at Just Media is fueled by the amazing people that we work with.  In our Team Spotlight series, we feature a different member of the team, highlighting the individuals that contribute to our culture.

Meet Brianna Perkins, Media Account Manager. Yogi. Writer. Health & Wellness Enthusiast.

What is your role at Just Media?

As a Media Account Manager, I collaborate with clients and internal teams to ensure strategic digital media campaigns are executed and completed as aligned with expected KPI’s and quarterly goals. I create innovative digital media strategies for B2B technology clients and implement data driven optimizations for continued marketing success.

What is your favorite thing about digital marketing?

I believe in the power of written communication to create impact on an audience at scale. Digital marketing can act as a medium for communication to a larger audience in precise, effective, and efficient ways.I am drawn to the direct and distinct impact we can make through the use of data driven strategic digital media plans.

What have you learned & how have you grown at Just Media?

Just Media has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I have learned extensive information on the digital media and advertising industry through my role as a Media Account Manager. I have expanded my abilities to effectively communicate and collaborate with internal teams and clients. I have learned the importance of creating a strategic digital media plan tailored to specific KPIs while coordinating with team members to implement data driven optimizations for successful media results.  

What does it take to be successful at Just Media?

Being honest, open to learning new experiences and listening to different viewpoints. Being willing to show up to the best of our ability and determined to give 100% of our efforts to the opportunities presented. Being humble and kind. Recalling the humanity present in every business interaction while remembering to smile and enjoy the process.   

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

Practicing and teaching yoga, reading, writing, and spending time outside with family/close friends.

What inspires you at Just Media?

I am constantly inspired by the intelligent, honest, and dedicated people that work at Just Media as well as the clients that we have the opportunity to work with. It is a gift to be able to collaborate with such kind, innovative thinkers and true doers here at the agency.

What’s your go-to lunch spot around the Emeryville office?

I like the vegetarian burger (no cheese) downstairs at Super Duper paired with a scoop of vegan ice cream in the Public Market.😊

What has been your favorite agency event?

I really enjoy the Christmas White Elephant Gift Exchange! This event is a great way to connect with Just Media members outside of our immediate teams in a creative and goofy way.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is just getting their career started in digital marketing?

Asking questions will aid in your professional growth! Prior to working at Just Media, I was not familiar with media terminology and had to adjust to the steep learning curve that is digital marketing. I believe that humility paired with honesty and true determination will allow us to succeed at any point in our career, whether we are just starting out or continuing along our journey. I have sharpened these traits through my experience working at Just Media and I hope to further to weave them throughout my professional career and personal life.

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