Team Spotlight: Chris Becker

JUST Employee Spotlight: Chris Becker

“The entire industry of digital marketing didn’t exist 20 years ago, and it has been constantly evolving ever since. No one knows everything! Even if you are an expert and mentor today you must stay curious or you will be left behind.”

The vibrant culture here at JUST Media is fueled by the amazing people who we work with. In our Team Spotlight series, we feature a different member of the team, highlighting the individuals contributions to our culture.

Meet Chris Becker: Dress-up Enthusiast, German Import, American Football Armchair Quarterback, Account Management Extraordinaire.

What is your role at JUST Media?

As leader of the Account Management team, it is my job to set my team up for success – which means making sure they have what they need to make our clients happy while remaining profitable. I help to guide media strategy and innovation, manage, and advocate for my team and work towards establishing open and honest relationships with our clients and across agency teams. Besides that, I’m also a part-time handyman, plumber and barista for our charming, but quirky Austin office location.

How would you explain your job to your Grandma?

Media planning really is simple: The creative team builds beautiful ads that are tailored towards our client’s audience. It is my job to make sure that the right people see the right ads. Every time someone sees advertising that isn’t relevant for them, someone lost money. The JUST team is ensuring that our client’s budgets are spend in a way that maximizes impact.

What do you think the future of media will entail?

The last two decades of media were dominated by the emergence of digital media – largely driven by new opportunities to target your audience and personalize your messages. It appears that public perception is changing, and the legislation is slowly catching up with the technological advancements. The backlash is coming in the form of recent data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Marketers will have to find ways to navigate a new media landscape shaped by scarcity of data. These changes will be a great driver for innovation and I’m excited to be a part of it!

How do you stay up to date with the latest news in media? Any favorite blogs/publications that you follow?

I do enjoy reading some of the big marketing newsletters as well as my LinkedIn timeline. However, what really keeps me up to date is our amazing vendor and partner community. The constant contact with partners ranging from today’s leading data providers to highly specialized niche publications is a huge perk of working for a media agency. Our partners are always eager to educate us and showcase their latest offerings.

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

I moved to the US and to Austin about four years ago… so I still consider myself a tourist and I love to explore, whether it be a city or road trip with my wife and friends or a just a walk with my dog through a new part of town. I also love the football season! I had to stay up late to watch the NFL from Germany and I couldn’t even choose what game I wanted to watch; therefore, I consider a football Sunday on the couch one of the biggest perks of moving to the US.

What does it take to be successful at JUST Media?

We have people with very different personalities and backgrounds that are successful at JUST Media. I believe it only takes curiosity, a team-player mentality and taking pride in your own work to be successful at JUST Media. You should also feel comfortable with asking for help and advice as agency work can get crazy at times. Lastly, our former CEO Dick Reed once told me that our clients are paying us to have an opinion – I agree wholeheartedly but think that I sometimes take this piece of advice a little too serious…. I will offer my opinion about anything to anyone.

What inspires you at JUST Media?

We are a crazy melting pot of people here at Just Media. The Austin office alone employs people from all over the world and from many different professional backgrounds. I learn something new every-day: sometimes about SEM, other times about farming in Brazil.

What does “Growth With Purpose” mean to you?

Growth itself is not a smart goal to have.Whether it’s personal growth or business growth –you should reflect on what you are growing towards. Will you enjoy the job that you’re working so hard towards getting? Will your business be healthier after it has gone through a growth period? To me Growth With Purpose means that we are staying true to your values while we are growing JUST Media and our client’s businesses.

Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is just getting their career starting in digital marketing?

The entire industry of digital marketing didn’t exist 20 years ago, and it has been constantly evolving ever since. No one knows everything! Even if you are an expert and mentor today you must stay curious or you will be left behind.

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