Join JUST Cares in Spreading the Love this Valentine’s Day


Who’s your Valentine?  

Our Valentines this year are the Center for Child Protection in Austin and Project Open Hand in the Bay Area. Both organizations do incredible work for our surrounding communities.  

To celebrate Valentine’s Day in Austin, JUST Cares, our agency’s volunteer program, is hosting a Teddy Bear Toy Drive to support the Center for Child Protection.

Why teddy bears? Stuffed animals provide comfort and a sense of safety during a difficult time. Every child is given a brand-new teddy or stuffed animal to provide support on their first visit to the Children’s Advocacy Center.  

The Center gives out approximately 200 teddys a month to victims and their siblings. “We’re really running through those teddy bears at a quicker rate than before which is why we need them now,” states a spokesperson of the Center for Child Protection. 

Help us keep their teddy bear stock full!

If you’d like to contribute in other ways, here’s a list of additional items they’re in need of. 

In Emeryville, JUST Cares is hosting an ongoing toiletry drive to support Project Open Hand. Project Open Hand nourishes the community by providing meals and other necessities to vulnerable populations across the San Francisco and Oakland areas.  

Interested in hosting your own toiletry drive? Find more info here!

JUST Cares is our internal program run by employees on a volunteer basis. In 2019 alone, we worked with 30 organizations! The purpose of JUST Cares is to encourage and enhance partnerships within our local and broader communities by offering our resources to make positive change.  

We have a firm belief that social responsibility is the responsibility of everyone. Help us spread the love this Valentine’s day!  

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