Top B2B Advertising Trends to Watch in 2021

As much as 2020 was a year of distress, it was also a year for growth and transformation.

Brandon Friesen, Chief Executive Officer

Just Global’s CEO, Brandon Friesen, recently participated in Ad Age’s must-read year in review feature, “Top Advertising Industry Trends to Watch in 2021.

As the industry-leading publication states, there has been “an increase in efforts to personalize, as well as an accelerated push to digitize and innovate wherever possible.”

Just Global customers are the backbone of this global digital transformation on hyperdrive. Gain insight into what Friesen sees trending across Just Global’s client list of the world’s most impactful brands.

What did you see as the ad world’s most notable trends of 2020?

While much of the ad world was negatively impacted by the global pandemic, with many brands cutting spends and agencies implementing pay cuts, furloughs and layoffs, the pandemic impacted different markets in different ways.

In the B2B ad world, especially in categories like tech, the accelerated digital transformation actually had a positive impact on some categories of the ad business. B2B agencies like ours saw growth and even completed acquisitions and mergers designed to accelerate this growth globally.

With live events no longer an option to generate leads, digital demand gen saw a massive boost.

In addition, with business and consumer lives colliding in living rooms around the world, we saw a rapid evolution of the consumerization of B2B. More than ever, B2B brands are realizing their buyers are people too. This led to waves of trends in B2B, from the rise of CTV, video and virtual events to creative, messaging and user engagements built to mirror experiences usually reserved for B2C marketers.

What’s on your forecast for industry trends in 2021?

As much as 2020 was a year of digital transformation, it was an even bigger year for humanity. Herein lays the ad industries trends for both this year and next: the impact of data and narrative.

The brands and agencies capable of personalizing creative content for the right placement and message based on socioeconomic themes, will have the greatest positive impact to their business.

We’re predicted to have the majority of ad spend transacted by machines for the first time next year yet only 15% of marketers list brand safety as one of their biggest concerns. The last year should humble us to rally around the people behind the technology and ensuring the two are working together to benefit every day lives.

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