Lady Tech Marketer: Build Bridges, Don’t Burn Them

badge of feature's logo, "JUST June"


JUST is honored to partner with Lady Tech Marketer, a community that connects women in tech marketing to collaborate, empower and inspire one another to navigate our careers.

During the month of June, Lady Tech Marketer is bringing their audiences a series of episodes featuring some of the women behind JUST’s recent brand refresh, culminating in a panel discussion about the rebrand itself. 

On this episode, Lady Tech Marketer speaks with Alison Watson, Vice President, Group Director. Alison is a seasoned marketing and advertising executive who champions the magical combo of media, creative and data. She’s spearheaded the growth of our Austin office through impeccable customer service, team building and a strong company culture.

Learn her advice on a range of subjects, from pivoting marketing strategies for clients to building long-last career relationships.

Hear from other JUST women:

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