All Contextual is Not Created Equal

Just Global’s Campaign Strategist, Kathryn Nassar was interviewed by Bidtellect on the cookie-less future. In their discussion, Kathryn dives into Context-first solutions that will help marketers build smart strategies for the future of digital sans cookie.

Supervisor, Campaign Strategy

With the disappearance of cookies and uncertainty in the development of replacement technologies, contextual targeting has become a focus of discussions as an alternative that we can scale up to continue reaching our audience.

Q1: How did the Cookieless future discussion start as a main initiative for Just Global?

Running media without cookies isn’t anything new to us or the industry, as there’s always been a significant portion of the population that’s unreachable through 3rd party cookies, whether because of the browser they’re using or their cookie clearing habits. In fact, many of the audiences we routinely reach are part of the groups that are proactive in taking the steps to exclude themselves from cookie pools already. That being said, the announcement by Google of their removal of 3rd party cookies from the Chrome browser certainly brought about a larger discussion within Just Global on how we can best arm our clients with solutions that will allow them to excel in the cookieless future.

– Kathryn Nassar, Just Global

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