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Marketing Fast-Forward

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Can you keep up
with 2020?

The current state of the world is moving at an accelerated pace. Between the massive cultural and social shifts that have unfolded within the first half of the year, it’s increasingly more difficult to stay up to date with the latest news let alone marketing trends.

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Our team of specialists break down the trends, shifts, and important reminders to help you navigate through the future of marketing:

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Digital and Search Marketing

Remember to adjust your media forecasting. Right now things are understandably unpredictable so it’s important to set proper expectations for all stakeholders.

Aaron Davis

Supervisor, Search

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Marketing Pipeline

It’s important that you qualify and categorize your leads at the account level so you can prioritize those.

Associate Director, account management

Stefanie O'Connor


Take advantage of more favorable costs as CPMs go down to help improve your share of voice in the market and engage your target accounts.

Juan Rodriguez

Manager, Programmatic

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Community Management

People want to see active change. People want to see active engagement. They want to see action more than platitudes. 

Community manager

Eliot Miller


Now is the time to invest in your brand – business decisions are not cancelled, people are still researching. You want to make sure that once people are ready to pull the trigger, they’re thinking of you.

Christopher Becker

Associate Director, Account Management

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Account Based Marketing

The time is now to focus on long term strategic shifts that are going to help your marketing strategy. Ensure your ABM strategy is responsive to changes so you can adapt to be where your audience is.

Supervisor, Campaign Strategy

Kathryn Nassar


Slow down and analyze everything. When you push out something that’s right, it works well.

Ben Trimberger

Art Director

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Metric Trends

With content syndication, we’re seeing people are spending more time online and actually downloading white papers and ebooks.

Associate, Analytics & Insights

Dominique Stewart

Media Planning

Acquisition is officially on sale. 

Stephanie Matlack

Associate Director, account management

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