The Way We Work Together

It’s no secret the way we all work is changed forever.

At Just Global, we are evolving the way we work together and continuing to prioritize personal wellness and flexibility.

In order to ensure our teams are as healthy and productive as possible, on top of our flex-time policy and remote workplace offering, we are piloting Flex Fridays: a four-day workweek every other week through the end of the calendar year.  

Why are we testing this new approach?

We believe well-balanced employees deliver their best work. Research proves it too: four-day workweeks actually lead to better work and personal lives. Ample studies, as noted in Digiday, have shown that providing employees more time with their family, friends, and personal lives improved productivity, reduced stress and increased engagement. 

See how our teammates are spending their flex time:


We're piloting four-day work weeks. Looks like it's working for folks.

♬ Work from Home - Fifth Harmony

We remain committed to our team and a culture of innovation in how we work. This includes increased flexibility and support for work/life balance while ensuring we deliver above and beyond for customers.

We are optimistic for the future of this modern, wellness-based, and results-oriented work environment. We will continue to let our values inform business decisions and deliver the highest quality of work possible.

Just Global Values

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We put people first.

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We make a positive difference that goes beyond business.

We foster a culture of belonging for every individual identity.

Do you want to be part of a wellness-based work environment? Visit our Careers and Contact pages to learn more.
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