Infographic: 8 Programmatic Buying Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2019

The everchanging advertising landscape has marketers constantly adapting to consumers shifting behaviors. Agencies and advertisers are relentlessly trying to stay ahead of their competitors and in front of the right end-users. B2B trends for 2019 are centered around gaining the upper hand in maximizing the effectiveness of media investment and wean off the dependency of user data which is becoming increasingly under scrutiny as privacy concerns are getting stronger.

One common trend being heavily invested in is planning and adopting internal DMPs to leverage and grow first-party data. Since concerns of GDPR and higher scrutiny of third-party data collection, DMPs may have to rely more on first- and second-party data than on third-party data. This puts DMPs under the microscope as individual data controllers and presents various legal responsibilities like maintenance records of data-processing and implementation of strict policies of data handling and data security.

Download the PDF version here.

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