Don’t drink and drive (or … stop eating while consuming advertising)

There are lots of elements that influence performance of advertising – some of it measurable, some not. When it comes to online media, we have access to loads and loads of data and we are facing the challenge of making sense of what’s being collected (a good problem to have).  But for every question we answer another question seems to come forward.

I get excited when I hear about VIEWED impressions technology. But a recent article that was shared by my coworker went even a bit further and said that only 14% of impressions are SEEN – which means they are not only visible on the screen, but that the eye of the user is actually looking at the advertising. You can read more about this at Mediapost.

No traditional measurements take into consideration what the user is actually doing while being exposed to advertising. I read an article in The Guardian yesterday that was about measuring how eating popcorn while watching commercials at the theatre can influence how advertising is absorbed. Who would have known …. Munching on a bag of popcorn can make you immune to advertising?  The reality is still true: consumers see advertising they feel is relevant to them, has something in it that resonates or creates an emotional response. Everything else is just noise.

Don’t eat while consuming advertising! My advice  🙂


Frauke Cast
Just Media, Inc.

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