Infusing B2B Marketing with the Power of Programmatic Technologies

Attend the Marketing’s Next Move Virtual Conference and see Just Media CEO, Dick Reed, as he joins leading marketers and industry thought leaders as they share practical advice and new perspectives on the future of B2B marketing.

About the Virtual Conference:

Infusing B2B Marketing with the Power of Programmatic Technologies

B2B buying is very different from B2C, especially the length of a buying cycle. Consumers buy in the moment and retailers seek to close sales within hours. For B2B marketers, the buying cycle is entirely different, counted in months — if not years. Now, programmatic advertising technologies are finally making the move into B2B marketing. The many benefits of programmatic – real­time media planning, optimization, personalized creative, retargeting among others – offer the potential for B2B marketers to target and message to buyers throughout long sales cycles. Will they tap into that power?

Panelists: Dick Reed, CEO, Just Media; Robert Davis, SVP of Digital Marketing, PJA Advertising + Marketing , Jenifer McFall-Metz, Sr. Manager, Global Digital Marketing Demand Generation, CSC
Moderator: Chris Kilkes, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Demandbase

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