Shock – Ziff Davis NOT Closing Any Print Titles in 2011

At this time of year, like snow in the East, the rumor is sure to be heard that technology publisher Ziff Davis Enterprise is intending to close one or more of it’s stable of print magazines.

To verify the story I contact Steve Weitzner, Ziff CEO and asked him directly. His response is below….

Actually we’re expanding the number of CIO Insight print editions, have a brand new editor on that book, looking to expand eWeek staff and I think next year should be a good one for print.  Amazing how I go on publishing three titles—specially geared for their audiences—yet I’m always the one (for three years now, I think), who is about to shut them down.  Happy to take your full year’s order for all three titles at a nice discount for buying in bulk!”

For those that don’t know, Ziff publishes three major tech publications – eWeek, CIO Insight and Baseline Magazine as well as some specialist titles and the usual mix of online properties and events.

Steve’s continued support of his print titles is actually good news for other tech publishers like IDG and Techweb. Competition in the print market is healthy. It keeps the editorial integrity high and ensures we have a selection of titles to chose from, adding coverage and frequency to media plans and ensuring print remains a viable alternative for our media teams and clients to consider. It also helps combat the “print is dead” crowd that have been predicting an end to this media format for many years.

Dick Reed
Just Media, Inc.

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