Last Month in B2B Marketing

This is the first of a new series being produced by Just Global. One of our in-house experts will provide their view of the month along with some recommended reads and takeaways.

August 2023 - Would you give yourself a standing ovation?

B2B marketing is currently undergoing a transformation, from the greater focus on data that proliferated during the pandemic to the arrival of generative AI and a move towards online experiences. In amongst this lies the key to improving the performance of your marketing today, and a focus this past month – brand.

The value of centering on brand has been well-established in the B2C world, with measurement built on share of voice. As the B2B market evolves, greater investment in brand is expected, which will better fill the top of the funnel with quality leads, as well as contribute to the wider funnel.

We’ve recently seen a focus on this ‘performance marketing’ with our clients, with some big success.

The question to ask is, are you happy with the performance of your brand in the market as it transforms? Could you tweak the way you measure performance and the data you utilize, or make use of new tools (like AI)?

Here are some recommended reads this month that could help you get there:

  • This recent overview from the Winterberry Group over the B2B market looks into the trends that will drive the transformation of the market over the next several years. Page 17 onwards covers ‘The Importance of Brand in B2B’ – Read here.
  • McKinsey and Company released this report covering ‘The Economic Potential of Generative AI: The Next Productivity Frontier’ which looks at how it will add trillions to various use cases. The report also investigates the impact it will have on multiple industries and the workforce, and shares considerations for businesses. Read here.
  • According to the IDC, by 2026 40% of the total revenue for G2000 organizations will be generated by digital products, services, and experiences. This e-book uncovers key characteristics leading to quantifiable business value creation, enabled by digital tools or approaches. – Read here. 

Bonus cybersecurity read:

  • If you’re in the cybersecurity sector looking to get ahead of the market, this report sponsored by Fortinet covers trends in cloud security. It explores security as a critical barrier, as well as overall benefits, challenges, and priorities for this sector – Read here. 
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A proficient and dedicated marketer with over 15 years of experience, specializing in the B2B tech sector. Marcus supports clients to meet their objectives through delivering insight-driven strategic frameworks, that galvanize and move decision-making units through the buyer journey, to drive growth and raise customer lifetime value.

Marcus has had the fortune to work across a broad range of marketing programs, for a wide number of the world’s leading tech brands including; Tata Consultancy Services, Oracle, Splunk, VMware, Toshiba, Adobe, PayPal, Intel, Motorola Solutions and many more.

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