Spotlight On: Harnessing Analytics at Just Global

We caught up with Emilie Lee, our EVP of Global Analytics, to discuss what makes the Analytics Team such a formidable force within the agency, and how it helps us deliver connected experiences, and exceptional results for our clients.

Meet Emilie Lee as she answers some questions about the team in this video (8 min).

Read the full interview, and hear from other people in the team, below. 

"We don't believe in having analytics behind the scenes. We’re here to understand a client's business challenges so we can prescribe measurement plans to drive long-term business growth. We bring visibility to how the upper funnel impacts the bottom of the funnel and how it all contributes to revenue. Every conversation is seen through that data-centric lens."

I’ve been with Just Global for two years, and lead the Analytics Team, as well as the Ad Ops Team across the regions. Our focus is on understanding a client’s business challenges and providing accurate and actionable data which leads to business growth for them. And the team is made up of passionate, kind, knowledgeable global analysts. 

How does the Analytics Team support B2B business growth?

“We’re here to understand a client’s business challenges so we can prescribe measurement plans to drive long-term business growth. Measurement frameworks are critical and highlight optimization shifts and success over time. 

 We also use these measurement plans to create a framework for our customers’ dashboards, which aggregate and transform the data day-to-day to showcase measurable success. The team also specializes in storytelling with insights, and those insights are fed into what we call our Connected Experience Engine – which ensures that we’re executing everything at Just Global strategically and seeing the business results for our clients.” 

“The analytics team are the storytellers of Just Global. They use data and visualizations to communicate complex insights in a compelling and understandable way. They design narratives that connect data-driven findings to business objectives, helping stakeholders make informed decisions and take action based on the insights provided.”

How does Analytics function at Just Global?

“The Analytics Team collaborates with the various disciplines internally to provide clients with measurement plans, data visualizations, reporting, and insights. We especially collaborate with the strategy team to help strengthen their research – again, bringing in the concept of our Connected Experience Engine. 

 One example of how we strengthen research is our performance index dashboard which warehouses all our clients’ anonymized data. This ensures we’re always delivering the highest standard of performance. We have also up-leveled our reporting to include account-specific data, which helps prove the value of anything that we execute.”

What makes the analytics function within Just Global unique?

“The people behind the data and insights. We have a lot of wonderful, warm, smart people who are passionate about what they do, and they’re also client-facing. We don’t believe in having analytics behind the scenes. We make sure they have a seat at the table from the very beginning of that relationship with the client, ensuring that every conversation is seen through that data-centric lens.  

We must make sure the data integrity is strong, and that the client is hearing and seeing how collaboratively the analytics team works with their respective specialists, and sees the analyst face-to-face and knows what is, and isn’t working with the rest of the team.” 

What does it take to be an analyst at Just Global?

“I think always wanting to learn and grow and seeing every challenge as an opportunity to grow as well. Coming in with some sort of dashboard or data visualization experience is massively helpful, so you can hit the ground running. Being confident and willing to put yourself out there if you haven’t been client-facing before, is also key. In doing that alone you learn and grow. Analysts at Just Global are part of the team experience, rather than being behind the scenes – we’ve seen a lot of growth from that.”

“What it takes to be a stellar analyst involves digging deep into data, posing insightful questions, and embodying the clients’ perspective to align data outcomes with their specific needs – a blend vital for effective decision-making.”

What makes Just Global such a great place to work?

The people. Everyone here is so warm, smart, and welcoming. It’s a place where people really do truly believe in being one team and striving for brilliance. Having that dynamic helps everyone produce solid work for our clients, and enables them to enjoy where they work, day to day.

“The best part about Just Global is the people. I have forged so many great relationships during my time here, some of who are family to me. In this remote working world, we need to be more intentional with building relationships and Just Global makes it a top priority to bridge that gap.”

What are some of the Analytics Team’s capabilities you’re most excited about?

“The Account Based Measurement (ABM) we’ve brought into the team. Again, seeing the actual accounts we’ve reached and their corresponding account-based metrics is huge. 

Another capability I’m really excited about is that we’re regularly pulling in and sharing path-to-conversion data through The Trade Desk and web analytics. It’s always helpful to better understand the type of actions people are taking along their engagement path so that we’re able to optimize accordingly and/or prove the value of a channel or tactic.  

Another is our enhanced creative dashboards which allow us to dynamically populate creative images within the dashboard alongside the data. And that is such a unique capability in the industry which helps us better draw out the ‘why’. When it comes to performance, it can be very difficult to see why a particular creative is performing well if you don’t see the actual visuals. 

Having that capability is huge and bringing this all together with our brand measurement capability, helps us understand the bigger picture from brand efforts and the impact it’s having on client revenue at the end of the day.”

Just Global B2B marketing Analytics Team on a video call

The analytics team at Just Global is made up of passionate experts based in locations across the globe.

Emilie Lee has previously been awarded a Salesforce Marketing Champion, is a Top Women in Media & Ad Tech Data Demystifier Honoree, and is a SfBig Going Above and Beyond Award recipient. 


If you’d like to find out more about how our Analytics Team can help accelerate your business goals, please drop Emilie a line to discuss further. 
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