Just Cares

Forming meaningful bonds within our communities

Just is more than a name –
it’s a commitment.

Since 2016, Just Cares has put Just Global’s mission into action by spearheading community leadership, activism and culture-building initiatives. As Just Global’s internal volunteer program they have activated over one hundred employees to participate while working with over 30 non-profits and community organizations.

How We Help

  1. Pro bono marketing services
  2. Volunteering and time of staff
  3. Donation drives and fundraisers
  4. Culture-building initiatives

Who We Help

Just Global is proud to manage the Google Ad Grant, in-kind advertising donated by Google, for the nonprofits of BRIDGEGOOD and American Brain Foundation. Through our work, we optimize the ad campaign performance of these groups to attract more volunteers and donations while sharing their story to audiences across the globe.


BRIDGEGOOD provides young creatives the resources they need to accelerate their careers in digital design. We’re honored to partner with their team to support our local community in Oakland. 


With the current day to day uncertainty which surrounds us all, people now, more than ever, are feeling isolated and alone. Check out the amazing work our talented Video Production team put together as a reminder to check in with the people in your community.

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graphic of JUST Cares donation drive for meals on wheels

JUST Cares About Seniors

“Together, we can deliver.” JUST is proud to support the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund and their mission to address senior isolation and hunger.