Team Spotlight: Meet Kevin Flint

The vibrant culture here at Just Media is fueled by the amazing people that we work with.  In our Team Spotlight series, we feature a different member of the team, highlighting the individuals that contribute to our culture.

Meet Kevin Flint, Media Director.
2018 sfBIG Agency Star of the Year. Weekend minivan chauffeur.
Loyal fan of the Syracuse Orange. Lover of Classic Rock (except Rush).

What is your role at Just Media?

I am a Media Director, which at Just Media means I get to wear many hats and learn a lot of different things. First, I oversee an excellent media account team working across a variety of clients. My job is to make sure we are always innovating our media strategy and working to improve our performance in all areas all the time. In my client facing role I offer  our customers strategic support and guidance on how we can use media to drive growth for their business. Internally I also play a key role in driving our business strategy forward as part of the agency executive leadership team. I am deeply involved in the key initiatives that we are focused on at Just Media and have a strong voice regarding the direction we are taking.

How has the agency grown since you first joined Just Media?

When I joined Just Media I think we had around 13 employees in a small office in West Berkeley. Today we have about 10x that, working in much cooler digs in Emeryville, as well as in an Austin office that didn’t even exist back when I started. Additionally, the services we provide are so much more vast than when I started 9 years ago. Back then we didn’t do search, social or programmatic. Now those are probably the three biggest areas of focus for most of our clients and the people and tools we’ve brought on board to do this are so much more advanced now, it gives us great new capabilities. Media has totally transformed in 9 years and so has our agency.

What inspires you at Just Media?

I love working with such an intelligent, creative and passionate group of people. Our involvement with and proximity to the ad/marketing tech community means that we have the opportunity here to be first to market with testing and developing cutting edge media technology and tactics before the rest of the market.

What’s your go-to lunch spot around the Emeryville office?

When I can I like to drive up to Berkeley and eat at Chipotle. I could eat there almost every day. Closer to the office my go to spot is Hot Italian at the Emeryville Public Market.

What tips would you give to someone interviewing at Just Media?

There are three Universal things that we always look for:

  1.  Show passion for media.
  2.  Have a curious mind and ask questions
  3.  Bring your energy.

If you can do those 3 things you’ll be off to a good start.

What do you think the future of media will entail?

I have a particular interest in the topic of data privacy and how changes in public policy will impact our industry. The GDPR has already created significant disruption in Europe and it appears that public sentiment and political pressure will soon bring similar regulation to the U.S. and other markets around the world.  With added restrictions on the data that can be used, marketers, media owners and agencies will all need to rethink their strategies to adapt to a new reality where the audience is in control of their data. I there predict there will be  a resurgence of more traditional advertising strategies that are more focused on alignment with compelling, relevant content and less focused on hyper targeting individuals based on collected data.

What has been your favorite agency event?

I have always been a big fan of “Day at the Races” at Golden Gate Fields. I’m a fan of horse racing.

What’s your favorite way to spend the weekend?

I have a lovely wife and 2 young daughters. The kids keep us very busy on the weekend as we shuttle them around to their various music and dance lessons, Tae Kwon Do, play dates, etc. It’s great when we have a quiet Saturday night to just sit as a family and watch a movie.

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