Team Spotlight – Matthew Park

Meet Matthew

Travel Enthusiast, Master Seller and One of the Newest Members of the Australian team! 

MERAKI [doing something with soul, creativity or love].

You are pretty new to the Just Global Australia office, but could you tell us a little bit about your role?

As an Account Manager, I work on communicating with stakeholders both internally and externally to ensure that all campaigns run in a timely manner whilst managing clients and their expectations.

We saw from your LinkedIn that you have travelled to 30 different countries (wow). Which one was your favourite and why?

For me, Barcelona is definitely my favourite city. It was an amazing experience as I got to see both the history such as places like La Sagrada Familia as well as experience the independence of Catalonia and get both the city and beach all in one space. Unfortunately, I lost my phone in Europe so just uploading some of the photos I still have!

Matt's trip to Europe (before he lost his phone)
From selling clothes in Zara, to umbrellas in Italy, to Selling Simplified, did you learn any skills which were transferrable between the two?

People skills. Learning how to talk to different type of people one of the most valuable skills I’ve been able to acquire and transfer. In order to really help out the customer/client, it is really important to communicate with them in a way that helps you really understand what they are after and how we can help. It has helped me transition my mindset from how can I sell to how can I help.

Any tips or learnings from these experiences as well, that you care to share?

Even if you sound needy, ask a lot of questions. People will always appreciate it if you ask a lot of questions as it shows that you are interested and listening to what they are saying.

What are you most passionate about?

In life?  Food! Always love trying out different cuisines but Japanese and Italian are my top two faves!

In work? Learning new skills! I always want to be in an environment where I can constantly learn and grow.

What is it that made you want to become a part of Just Global?

I studied Marketing at university, and it was a field I was truly interested in and passionate about. Having been only exposed to a small part of marketing (lead generation) at my previous role, I wanted to move into a company that covers all aspects of marketing as I want to be in an environment where I am constantly learning.

Is there a particular moment in your career that you feel most proud of?

Being able to go on business trips and relocate from Australia to South Korea. It really helped me understand that although both countries fall under the same APAC region, how different these markets are and the pain points experienced by Marketing Managers are completely different.  

Other than your clear love of travelling, do you have any other passions/ hobbies?

I like music a lot! Just started to create a few basic beats and trying to learn how to play the piano! Also into fashion!

Body the Border Collie

Just Global is full of animal owners and lovers, do you have any pets, if so what is their name? 

Unfortunately, my current house is too small for pets, but I used to have a border collie named Body in the past.

DOGS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CATS person 🙂 

Australia is obviously coming out of out of lockdown, what was the first thing you looked forward to doing again and how is being back in the office?

Travelling to other states! I’ve always had that mindset that since I know that I’ll always be in Australia, I pushed back travelling to other states as it was a bit of a given.

Are you seeing any trends and/or have any predictions for Australian B2B brands?

Video content. In the last few years, we have already seen videos affect the B2C market with TikTok, Instagram introducing Reels, etc. 

Considering how video content is a lot more engaging than posts or pictures, I am expecting that this will slowly influence and transform the way in which content is created in the B2B landscape to better engage with their target audience. I think the starting point of this was the virtualization of in-house events to webinars, with companies promoting On-Demand webinars.

What is your favourite movie?

Pretty much any movie with Leonardo DiCaprio but the Wolf of Wall Street would be top favourite!

What is your favourite playlist/ artist to listen too…

While at work? Frank Ocean

To get you motivated/ up in the morning? Marshmello

What is your favourite food?

SUSHI SUSHI SUSHI. One food I never get sick of.

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