Team Spotlight: Elizabeth Durkin

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Meet Elizabeth: Caretaker, Patient, Dog-Mom

Be adaptable: You may not find a job that checks all your checkboxes but make sure you know what values are important to you and do not settle on that.

Can you tell us a little about your role at JUST?

I am JUSTs HR Generalist. This role is more behind the scenes, helping manage all HR platforms (Rippling, Lattice, Fidelity, Benefits etc.) and support Emily and our HR department goals and initiatives. JUST employees are our clients and we are here to help them in any way we can.

How are things going in the HR world right now? Have current events changed any aspects of your role?

The first few months of COVID were challenging, trying to keep up and understand the new laws, rules and regulations. Making sure our people were OK, planning for things that were basically unplannable. There has been a huge shift in the HR world with the focus on mental health and adapting to remote working and we are constantly keeping up with new trends, ideas and programs for our staff. During this time, I became even more appreciative of JUST and the teams of dedicated people working around the clock to make sure employees were taken care of.

You’re super involved with the internal culture building teams here at JUST, from D&I Committee to being an active leader on the JUST Cares team and representing all three Culture Committee Pillars. Impressive! Why is it important to you to be active in internal culture building?

Human Resources at JUST is a department of two people so I love being able to spend time with co-workers who I normally do not have an opportunity to work or interact with. It gives me a chance to build relationships with these folks, and I truly believe these groups are helping to shape the future of the employee experience here at JUST.

Elizabeth taking advantage of Flex Time

Do you have any advice for how folks can stay motivated while working from home? (or alternatively, how management teams can avoid employee burnout?)

Take advantage of Flex Time if you can! I am a creature of habit, so I am still trying to evolve my working habits for this myself. One thing I am really trying to work on is blocking out time to make and eat lunch away from my desk, computer and phone. Easier said than done, but one day at a time!

How have you been spending your time lately? Pick up any new hobbies?

I would be lying if I said I started new hobbies like wood working or bread baking or anything very productive during this time. I am envious of those people who have that drive and energy, I’ve just been surviving day by day like most people. I have been really diving into exploring more about Enneagrams (personality traits) and how to live a more non-toxic/zero waste/sustainable lifestyle.  

Do you have any pets? Share pics if you do!

Gracie!! She is a doxie/spaniel mix, who just turned six in July, I got her as a puppy when I first moved to Texas. She’s always judging and makes the weirdest noises, she is pure sass and I love it.

 Is there a particular moment in your career that you feel most proud of?

Witnessing and being a small part in employees’ growth in their careers and personal lives is something I truly feel proud of. I will never forget a time at the beginning of my HR career when I worked at the VA Boston Hospital. I read a young gentleman’s resume, phone screened him, met him through the interview process, onboarded him his first day, coached him and watched him move up in the ranks at the VA, and get married and have kids, he is still there today (over ten years ago!). I just knew when reading his resume and talking to him he was going places, and that maybe I had a small part of that is something I will never forget.

What does it take to be successful at JUST?

Positivity, being a team player a sense of humor and strong work ethic.

What is the most valuable piece of advice you have for someone who’s on the search for a job right now?

Be adaptable: You are not going to find your dream job in this current job market and economy. You may not find a job that checks all your check boxes but make sure you know what values are important to you and do not settle on that.

Interview them: Be sure to really take the time in your interview to see if this is a company you want to work for, ask the questions, do your research. This maybe the one opportunity to see if this is a mutual fit.

Always take a meeting: Words of advice that my dad taught me. You never know who you will meet or connections they have or where that meeting will lead you in the future. Sending a personalized ‘thank you’ note following is also never gone without notice.

What is your go-to work playlist/podcast?

I have been really into the Rich Roll’s podcast lately, funny story is that I met him and his family years ago on a Holistic Vegan Cruise, he was such a nice guy!


Favorite books?

‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. It was one of my favorites as a kid and I now gift these to all my friends when they have their first child.

Top three favorite movies?

Basically any Rom-Com, historical drama piece or musical I am all about. I can’t really narrow it down to just three. I love movies!

What your hobbies outside of work?

Exploring grocery stores. I love finding new vegan foods/products to try. Rocking out on my Peloton, spending quality time with friends and family with some good wine. I love camping and can’t wait to get back into that when it gets cooler here in Texas. I want to plan a trip to Big Bend National Park this fall.

Top three TV shows?

Anything on HGTV, Queer Eye and Gilmore Girls.

How about some bonus fun facts?

I am originally from Upstate NY, I went to college to become a fashion designer, which evolved into costume design. I used to work for a professional fireworks company, the VA Hospital, a yoga studio and hospitality group with other retail/service jobs in-between. I’ve been vegan for over seven years now, went back to school to study Dietetics six years ago. I eat potatoes (my favorite food) every day, I am an only child, a classic Virgo and Enneagram Type 2.

Here at JUST we have a #Kudos Slack channel where we recognize the great work of our fellow team mates. Elizabeth was recently featured and here are only some of the fantastic endorsements:

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