COOP Alumni at Just Global: From Cohort to Captain

COOP alumni, Aquila White (Associate, Search) and Michael Okupnic (Associate, Search) share their stories on post-grad struggles and how they overcame underemployment.  

Landing that first job out of college is hard, underemployment affects half of college grads and more than two-thirds of black college grads. COOP works to close this social capital gap by recruiting and investing deeply in diverse, low-income and first-generation grads from across the country. 

Just Global values diverse voices and works to ensure our teams reflect the world around us. This is why our partnership with COOP is invaluable to our recruitment process. We’re committed to building an environment that attracts and engages the best talent from wherever and whomever that may be.

We’re incredibly proud of the work all the COOP alumni we’ve brought onto our Just Global Family. Not only are they working hard to elevate their careers, but they’re also proving leadership by reaching back continuing their impact at COOP as Cohort Captains. 

Search Associates, Aquila White and Michael Okupnik recently wrapped up their second and first COOP cycles as captains. We’ve asked them to reflect on their COOP experience and share how they came into the program. 

How COOP Changed My Story

Associate, Search

I was freshly graduated, had no relevant job lined up and did not want to take the usual marketing route; Graduate and end up in sales, as most Marketing Majors do.

How I Overcame Underemployment

Associate, Search

For many students who feel overwhelmed with college, it’s not until you're done that you realize how lost and alone you are. Like treading water in a vast ocean of possibilities, but not a lifeboat in sight.

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