JUST Media Nominated at MediaPost’s Creative Media Awards

JUST Media is pleased to announce that our “Visibility Without Borders” work with world leader in service assurance, NETSCOUT, has been nominated in the Business Media category at MediaPost‘s Creative Media Awards.

The Creative Media Awards is the only awards program that honors the media industry. The Creative Media Awards express MediaPost‘s belief that media — the process of buying, planning and strategy — is every bit as creative as depicting storyboards for a print or TV ad campaign. The Business Media category is defined by the creative use of print, TV, digital and/or other media in a campaign aimed at a business-to-business audience.

“Security is everything, which is why NETSCOUT’s campaign, with tags like ‘See The Threat Before You Feel The Consequences,’ targeted a select demographic of senior level officers. To reach them, NETSCOUT ran cross-platform efforts on The Wall Street Journal, a reliable source for this highly targeted group. From cover wraps to online contextual ads, NETSCOUT placements utilized the WSJ to push its new services and conferences in tech, 5G and cybersecurity. Message received: search traffic rose. Mission accomplished.”

MediaPost‘s Creative Media Awards

Winners will be announced Jan. 28th, 2020. Learn more about the Creative Media Awards at MediaPost.

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